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J.K. Rowling gave millions of us a piece of her heart when she created the Harry Potter series. Potterheads around the world will forever hold onto the magical wizarding world this wonderful author penned and I have no doubt they'll pass these books onto their children, sparking a whole new generation's love for all things Potter.

But, as it goes with the internet, nothing is sacred and someone has dreamed up a fan theory that not only did Rowling offer up her talents, but also a piece of her soul. It's believed that for each book J.K. created her very own horcrux meaning that unless destroyed, the legacy of the boy who lived will indeed live forever. The theory started as a post on Tumblr has blown many people's minds and made us love Rowling even more:

As the theory suggests with each death J.K. wrote, she spilt her soul and poured it into in the pages. There's no denying that this is a very powerful ideology, but it may just explain why the books have such a strong effect on individuals when they read them.

Obviously more than seven people were killed within the books, but these seven mentioned were the most memorable and catalytic for the story. Let's take the time to remember the fatalities within the books that shaped the story and ensured the novels live forever. Tissues at the ready:

1. Professor Dumbledore

I distinctly remember reading this for the first time and being truly heartbroken at the death of the great headmaster. However, it was upon finishing the series and working out the great sacrifice Snape made to kill him it really began to hurt. Albus's begging Severus in The Half Blood Prince to end his life has to one of the more harrowing parts to read:

J.K. choosing to kill of Dumbledore has to be one of the bravest moves she made. Not only did she have to destroy a beloved hero, but she also made the unfounded hatred towards Snape increase. Rowling most definitely placed a part of her soul into the writing of this death and unknowingly created a horcrux as she did.

2. Hedwig

Hedwig had been with Harry from the very beginning, before he even reached Hogwarts, she had been by his side. Due to the uproar of fans upset by the death, J.K. Rowling felt the need to comment on the significance of the snowy owl's death on the Harry Potter wiki page:

"The loss of Hedwig represented a loss of innocence and security. She has been almost like a cuddly toy to Harry at times. Voldemort killing her marked the end of childhood. I'm sorry... I know that death upset a LOT of people!"

Rowling held no bars in the deaths she penned and although we hated the demise of many of our favorite characters, they are arguably integral to the development of the story (except for Fred, but more on that later). Perhaps J.K. was placing a piece of her soul into her works as a reminder of the importance of maintaining such childlike innocence throughout life?

3. Dobby, The House Elf

J.K well and truly killed us all with this death. Poor, innocent Dobby who gave his life saving the golden trio, brought us all so much joy throughout the books. The house elf's dedication to Harry was incredible touching and his gratitude for being freed by Potter was finally repaid with his life. Dobby arguably had the death he would have wanted, held in Harry's arms, among his friends. As written in The Dealthy Hallows, Rowling has one last salute to the brave little guy with the tombstone message:

This killed a piece of my soul just reading it, so there's no doubt J.K lost a piece of her's writing it, creating the third horcrux in the process.

4. Nymphadora Tonks

This extended scene from The Deathly Hallows Part 2 shows Tonks rushing to Lupin's side at the Battle of Hogwarts. However, to the book-lovers, the lack of Tonks in the movies was rather upsetting. Only upon reading the books does the death of Nymphadora truly hit you, as you discover her sacrifices and her family history. The fact it was Bellatrix, her aunt, who killed her makes it even more distressing. Although her backstory is left untouched by the movies, the shot of Tonks and Lupin lying next to each other, dead, shall remain with me forever.

Tonks and Remus battled through so much to be together and to have it snatched away from them at the very end must have caused Rowling so much pain to write and so it tore a piece of her own soul in the process.

See also:

5. Remus Lupin

As I've featured the death scene of both Remus and Tonks above, I thought it better to look back and see how Remus shaped Harry's life. Lupin had his own internal battles going on and was ostracized by society, due to him being a werewolf. Yet, he was able to care for and protect for Harry as though he was his own son.

Therefore, it's the loyalty Lupin showed to the memory of James and Lily that made his death so difficult to deal with. The Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher had finally found happiness and love with Tonks and Teddy, but J.K. ended it all.

Rowling herself, has told fans that Remus was one of her favorite character's and the death of Lupin hit her badly, showing that once again a part of her soul had been torn out, creating horcrux number five:

6. Fred Weasley

The Weasleys are the family we all want to be a member of because each member was truly loved and nurtured. They had the perfect balance of brains, bravery and mischief, all homed in the cosy Burrow. So, when Fred was killed at the Battle of Hogwarts, we all knew the ginger family would never be the same again. What's more is that George lost his partner in crime. The two delighted us with their schemes and to imagine that George must continue without his brother is almost too much to bear.

Though the death was tragic, J.K Rowling kept Fred true to his joker ways even until his laugh breath:

"And Percy was shaking his brother, and Ron was kneeling beside them, and Fred's eyes stared without seeing, the ghost of his last laugh still etched upon his face.”

Rowling has apologized for killing Fred numerous times, so you know how much it must have killed her to do that to the Weasleys, shattering her soul in the process:

7. Professor Snape

Snape's character divided fans, you either felt he was an evil bastard or was in fact the unsung hero of the whole story. I fall into the latter, I actually had to stop typing to dry my tears after watching this scene. For me, Snape is the personification of love and knowing that his whole life was spent without an ounce of it absolutely destroys me. This character sacrificed more than anyone else and all because of unrequited love.

However, it's clear that Snape had to die, he had done everything he could to ensure Lily's child lived and in death he would find the peace that evaded him for his entire existence. The Potions Master's death also revealed to Harry what Dumbledore was planning all along and how Snape had always cared for him:

How J.K. managed to keep it together when she penned this particular death is way beyond me. Snape, of course is the last death, where in which Rowling would have created the final horcrux.

The theory that J.K. Rowling placed parts on her soul into her works is wonderfully magical. Whether you take it literally or figuratively, there is no denying that she put every ounce of what she had into every word she wrote. For that very reason, the books shall indeed live forever, as fans continue to thank Rowling for her work and absorb themselves into the magical universe she's created.


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