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The idea of partaking in politics was always a heated issue, but somehow, ever since a reality TV mogul obtained the highest post in America, people are even more dead set on keeping the realms of entertainment and politics separate. Many criticized Meryl Streep for addressing politics on the Golden Globes stage, stating that she should stick to acting and that the Globes should be just for fun.

creator is no stranger to this kind of backlash, but she's not one to keep her mouth shut either. On Twitter, she regularly expresses her views — and the fact that she's obviously anti-Trump seems to have upset more than one fan of the wizarding world she created. The good thing about being a bestselling author is that it's pretty easy to come up with replies. We'll probably never be able to learn actual magic, but at least we can let Rowling teach us the art of owning someone.

First she was disappointed someone didn't seem to get the message of Harry Potter:

Then she embraced the Twittersphere's cheap insults:

She was even accused of sorcery.

The '90s? More like the Middle Ages. Yet she's happy to provide kindling for all the cold-hearted ones out there (who knows, maybe it'll warm them up?):

You can even borrow her lighter.

See also:

The best tweet, however, is a much-needed reminder for some that it's not because you're not a politician that you can't give your opinion on politics.

What, is she supposed to only talk about books because she's a writer? By that logic, we should all limit our conversation topics to the exact job we happen to be doing. And it's even more ironic in this case; if fans are suddenly so upset with her notion of morals when they've been reading her work for years, they really must have been skipping half the words.

What's your favorite J.K. Rowling moment? If you're still a Rowling fan after these oh so shocking statements she made, feel free to check out our compilation of the most emotional Harry Potter quotes:

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