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Whether you think he's a superhero or the most despicable villain alive, Zack Snyder has created the DCEU and continues to enthusiastically spatter it with his personal style like a kid at a Color Me Mine birthday party (did you know he even directed a scene in Suicide Squad?). Way back in March, the negative backlash from Batman v Superman prompted fans to create a petition to get him fired, but so far, it hasn't stuck. Snyder is already back in the director's chair for Justice League, which is currently filming, and — barring another BvS-type fiasco — will likely stay there for Justice League 2. And according to DCEU-newcomer J.K. Simmons, that's right where he belongs.

J.K. Simmons / Whiplash
J.K. Simmons / Whiplash

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Simmons is joining the cast of Justice League as Jim W. Gordon, the Police Commissioner of Gotham and one of Batman's closest allies in the city. In a recent interview with ET, the Oscar-winning actor described his experience on set as a great one, thanks to Snyder's skillful leadership:

"That was a really fun set. Zack [Snyder] runs sort of a big, happy family and it's obviously, in many ways, a very different work environment when you're working on a big, giant movie like that than a relatively small movie like The Meddler. But at the end of the day, the director is the one who sets the tone. And one of the things that Zack and Lorene have in common is they're just nice, smart, competent, fun people that you don't mind spending a 12-hour day with."

Does this indicate that Snyder might actually have listened to the cries of the fans, begging for a change to the dark and dreary tone he'd set with his previous DCEU films? "Fun" and "happy" aren't exactly words we're used to hearing in conjunction with Snyder's name, so maybe this means Justice League will be the savior of the DCEU after all.

The Commissioner Won't Have That Big Of A Part In Justice League... Yet

Commissioner Gordon / Detective Comics Vol. 2 25
Commissioner Gordon / Detective Comics Vol. 2 25

The 61-year-old actor also divulged that Commissioner Gordon's role in Justice League is not a very big one, but it allows the audience to get to know the character — could they be laying the groundwork for the commissioner to be a bigger presence in Justice League Part II? Simmons explained to ET:

"Yeah, mostly [I worked] with Ben [Affleck]. In this first installment of the Justice League, Commissioner Gordon is not a particularly sizable part. We just kind of introduce him and see a little bit of his interactions with Batman — and with most of the Justice League"

Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon
Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon

Last time we saw him in Chris Nolan's Dark Knight movies, the mustachioed fan-favorite was being portrayed by the talented Gary Oldman. In an interview with Yahoo Movies, Oldman offered a little friendly advice to Simmons on the character:

"The thing you've just got to get used to with Gordon is he's a really sound detective, first of all. And he's incorruptible... He’s like a Watson, oddly. He’s sort of like Watson to Sherlock, is Gordon to Batman."

Now that Simmons has officially wrapped filming for Justice League, we'll just have to wait and see if he and Snyder took Oldman's advice.

Are you excited to see J.K. Simmons bring Commissioner Gordon to life?

Commissioner James W. Gordon
Commissioner James W. Gordon

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