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Various sources are reporting that director no longer has a death wish and has dropped out of directing the movie by the same name. Get it? Because the movie is called Death Wish. See what I did there?

(I know, I know. I want to punch me, too.)

The sources report it was creative differences that forced Carnahan to leave the film, a remake of the 1974 classic. The studios (Paramount-MGM) apparently wanted in the role, while Carnahan wanted to go in a different direction.

Shortly after Deadline broke the story, Carnahan Tweeted

The director later clarified his statements, explaining it was nothing personal against Willis:

Don't feel too bad for Carnahan, though. Deadline also reported that Carnahan may already have a new project lined up, action thriller Narco Sub. After the resounding success of 2012's surprise hit The Grey, I have no doubt he will be a highly coveted director in the action genre.


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