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Oh man, director Joe Carnahan has no luck with major studios.

First, his script for a remake of the Charles Bronson- starrer Death Wish wasn’t accepted by MGM (which promted him to write the mother of all angry letters). And now the good man has to suffer through a release date brouhaha of epic proportions with his new movie Stretch.

The action comedy which was produced on the slim-is-no-word-for-it budget of under $5 million was scheduled to be released by Universal Pictures March 21.

But apparently the studio considered the costs of releasing Stretch as too high, and hence declined on their first-look deal with producer Jason Blum. The latter was hence allowed to search for another distributor for the Patrick Wilson- starrer. Sadly, without success.

Rights to Stretch have since reverted back to Universal, with the studio seemingly having no plans to release the movie in the close future. Certainly not on March 21.

Currently the destiny of Stretch, which centers on a limo driver (Wilson) who has to carry out crazy missions for his billionaire client (played by Chris Pine), is pretty much up in the air.

All this is quite sad because chances are the R-rated movie is pretty damn good. The cast includes Ed Helms, Jessica Alba, Brooklyn Decker, Ray Liotta and, hopefully only for a very limited amount of screen time, David Hasselhoff.

As a huge fan of The Grey, the director’s last movie, and Patrick Wilson in general, I’d love to see Stretch in theaters as soon as possible.

Carnahan, at least, seems fairly optimistic that the movie will be released - at some point or another.

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