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Brian Salisbury

is a filmmaker with a knack for merging comedic and horror elements. One need only observe how many chuckle-worthy moments crop up in Gremlins or go all the way back to Piranha for this line of dialogue...

"The Piranhas, sir, they're eating the guests."

Well it looks like Dante will have a new opportunity to flex his horror-comedy muscles. The Wrap is reporting that his upcoming film Burying the Ex has just been financed by Voltage Pictures. Burying the Ex revolves around a young man named Max () who realizes shortly after moving in with his girlfriend Evelyn () that they are incompatible. When Evelyn dies, Max thinks he's free to move on...that is, until his past comes back to haunt him.

I'm really happy to hear this news. Joe Dante is one of my favorite directors and this sounds like such a homerun project for him. Not to mention the fact that Yelchin has already proven his ability to headline a movie that combines humor and scares with the Fright Night remake. My hope is that Burying the Ex is successful enough to introduce Dante to a generation who may only know him as the guy who directed Small Soldiers.

P.S. Small Soldiers is awesome.

What do you guys think?


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