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The are no strangers to dangling the carrot for their significant gay fan base, but it seems Joe is trying to outdo Nick in a new interview spanning everything from dick pics to man-crushes with PrideSource.

After some cursory chit-chat about his new DNCE album, delved into his treasure trove of salacious chat and laid certain intimate elements of his private life out for all to see. Oo'er!

It turns out that Joe gets a fair deal of cock shot based flirtation from his fan base, but the star doesn't mind the barrage of digital dicks:

"I bet you could take a wild guess. (Laughs) It's all over the map, from selfies to you-know-what. It's funny, too, because you can't really tell what people are sending because everything now is blurred out, and I like to read some of the DMs and hear stories. But, of course, sometimes there are crazy ones, and it's just straight nudity. You have to just find something good in it - or laugh, depending on what it is."

Clearly not one for privacy, Joe also added to the library of carnal knowledge available to his fans by revealing that he likes a bit of slap and tickle in the bedroom proving he can also appeal to the Fifty Shades brigade:

"Some people say, 'We finally can talk about these kinds of things, and we want to go wild and crazy,' but really, it's just stuff we're going through. I feel like I'm free in my life to speak about it, and yeah, everyone should try a little bit of something new in the bedroom. It's definitely fun when you bring some whips and leather and whatever you may be into - a little bit of S&M - into the bedroom. I wrote it about me and someone I was getting wild with, and maybe (we) busted some outfits out - you know, you get a little crazy."

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After this revelation, I hope Jonas's band mate knew what she was getting herself in for when she dragged him around like a dog on a leash...

Not above stealing his younger bro's thunder (Nick has played a gay character in Kingdom), Joe also chatted about who he would like to wriggle between the sheets with if he was asked to play gay in a series of his own:

"That’s a great question. I’d say for sure Daniel Craig. I think Matthew McConaughey is a hunk of a man. I’d have to go with George Clooney. Older, mature men."

Stay tuned for the next interview where we get to learn the circumference of Joe's ball-bag (probably)!

Which male/female celebrity would you want to star as your gay fling in a show?

(Source: PrideSource)


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