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Batman is a superhero of unquestionable appeal. The Dark Knight is one of the most intriguing comic book characters of all time, a suave billionaire with the alter ego of a tortured vigilante, who uses brains, braun and snazzy gadgets to keep Gotham City safe.

He's a superhero who is effortlessly cinematic, evidenced by successful movie adaptations as recent as four years ago, when The Dark Knight Rises (2012) concluded Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy — one of the most successful superhero stories of all time — long before the four letters, D, C, E and U were whispered.

is a big deal, with or without DC's extended universe. That's not to say audiences won't be excited for offerings such as Justice League (2017), Wonder Woman (2017), The Flash (2018) or Aquaman (2018), but the Caped Crusader already comes with a rich cinematic heritage, enhanced by Ben Affleck's standout interpretation of the character in this year's Batman v Superman.

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Will Batman Begin Shooting In 2016?

'The Batman' will be released in 2018 [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'The Batman' will be released in 2018 [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Joe Manganiello will portray — the villain acting as the yin to Batman's yan — in Bruce Wayne's solo flick, The Batman (title unconfirmed). The actor has divulged some inside insight into the production process to date, confirming in October he'd be preparing to shoot in spring 2017.

Following the news that has been brought forward, taking Aquaman's slot of July 27, 2018, it would make sense if filming too had been brought forward from its spring date. However, Manganiello confirmed that the date hasn't changed. In an interview on The Rich Eisen Show, when asked if filming had been completed, he responded:

“Uh, no. We will start at some point this year, it looks like.”

Although referring to "this year," it's possible the 39-year-old meant within a year; director and star Ben Affleck will be tied up in December, promoting his new movie, Live By Night, and bringing production forward by three months or more is unlikely.

In addition, Alfred actor Jeremy Irons confirmed in October the film would start shooting in six to nine months, taking the production date to April onwards. However, that doesn't rule out that Manganiello may be meeting with the rest of the cast and crew for rehearsals, in preparation for filming in spring.

A Deadly One-Eyed Assassin

When asked to elaborate on his character — the contract killer and formidable foe of Batman — he provided a succinct summary:

"I play a one-eyed - like, the world’s deadliest assassin who also has one eye."

Admittedly, not really much insight to be gleaned from that description. Still, the recent news that The Batman will be brought forward implies Warner Bros., and DC guru Geoff Johns have confidence in the final product, and why wouldn't they? This is Batman after all.

Check out the full interview below:

The Batman is due for release on July 27, 2018.

Which upcoming DCEU film are you most excited for?

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