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Nobody can deny that the Cinematic Universe is not in a great place right now. With and coming out this year, the stakes are high, and the DC Cinematic Universe cannot take another big slam.

Out of all of DC's upcoming projects, however, The Batman looks the messiest by far. Fans are beginning to worry that Warner Bros. won't give us a solid movie. Actor Joe Manganiello, who plays Deathstroke in the film, spoke with Robert Irvine about the movie yesterday. He gave out a ton of information regarding the Batman solo movie, and his comments might leave DC fans feeling very hopeful.

Joe Manganiello Has Faith In 'The Batman'

Our first look at Manganiello's Deathstroke [Credit: Warner Bros]
Our first look at Manganiello's Deathstroke [Credit: Warner Bros]

During Manganiello's interview, Robert Irvine pointed out that the DC Cinematic Universe is a series of successful movies that have had a very rough time critically. Manganiello clearly didn't want to discuss what critics have had to say, so he switched the topic to how excited he is for the solo Batman movie. He said:

As far as what other people think, I can’t comment, I’m just me. I’m very excited for this role. I’m very excited to be working with the people I’m going to be working with...

...Ben Affleck makes great films and he’s a great Batman. Geoff Johns certainly is a really fun guy to hang around with and has a great grasp on this steering wheel that is the Titanic of the DCEU. Knowing what they have planned for the future, I think fans are really gonna love. There were a lot of superhero and supervillain roles that came my way and my gut said those were not the right fit for me. This one was perfect. This was exactly what I was looking for.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice [Credit: Warner Bros]
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice [Credit: Warner Bros]

A lot of what Manganiello is saying makes sense. Ben Affleck makes great films and he is a great Batman. (He was one of the best parts of .) Also, Geoff Johns is certainly one of the best people Warner Bros. could put in charge of this universe.

However, those are only two of dozens of producers and creative artists working on the film. To borrow a metaphor from Manganiello, will this Titanic ultimately sink? No matter what, it appears that Manganiello is putting his all into the role of Slade Wilson. When asked about how he will get to make the role his own, he responded:

Yeah, I guess there was a TV show but I haven’t seen it. I won’t watch it. This is my character, an exciting one, and has the capacity I think, to be a great villain. And what all the great ones can do is polarize an audience. When I was a kid I always rooted for the villain. As a kid I think I would have rooted for him and I think fans will.

While the actor doesn't plan on watching Arrow, Deathstroke was one of the best things to happen to the series. See him in action below:

Slade Wilson isn't just an ordinary bad guy; he polarizes the audience because his goals as a villain are usually logical and even sensible. Of course, he's also a sword-wielding bad-ass and it will be amazing watching Batman and Deathstroke battle.

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Manganiello said in an interview last year that The Batman might start filming in the spring; other reports at the time contradicted that report. Manganiello defended himself, saying "Whether or not we start exactly on that date or in June, whatever it is, it doesn’t matter."

More important, he gave DCEU fans some hope for the Batman solo film.

Here’s the thing: The creative process needs to be respected and no one involved in this film wants to make anything less than an unbelievable film, a legendary film. The movie will start shooting whenever those pieces are in place and we know this is gonna be something that we’re proud of. What we’re not gonna do is be backed into a start date, scrambling to get something off the ground just to get it off the ground...

...It’s funny how the media likes to run with, “Oh there’s trouble!” “Oh, the script needs to be revised!” They’re drama queens. There’s a creative process, and everyone on the cast and crew wants to make this the best movie possible. So that’s what we’re gonna do. When we start shooting it, we’ll start shooting it. It will be soon, I can say that. Here’s the thing: No one wants to create that superhero movie that’s polarizing to fans and critics. Rest assured, we’re gonna do this thing right.

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This response isn't coming out of left field as it correlates to comments from Ben Affleck and other people involved with the project, all of which emphasize how they are trying their best to create a great Batman movie. Should the media be blamed for doing their jobs and reporting on the intense drama surrounding the movie? Probably not - and I'm not just saying that because I've personally written about this news in the past.

Manganiello's comments are perfect, and his attitude is the best way to approach the movie. There is no rush to release a Batman film anytime soon, so we can hope Warner Bros. learned its lesson. Ideally, the studio will let The Batman producers create the film at their own pace and not announce any further details until they are 100% confirmed. We can only hope that we get an unbelievable Batman movie and Joe Manganiello seems like he is going to make an incredible Deathstroke.

What do you think about Manganiello's comments on The Batman? Do you still have faith for the movie and the DCEU as a whole, or will the Titanic sink? Sound off below!


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