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Matt Carter

True Blood and Magic Mike star has been named as one of OK Magazine's Hottest Men of 2012. Need proof? Then check out the picture of him doing his best Bond Girl impression below:

(via OK Magazine)

That's so weird. It looks like they have taken a recent photo of me when I was on holiday and photoshopped Manganiello's head onto my shoulders.

Manganiello was also nominated by one of the OK editors as Fictional Boyfriend of the Year. It's almost certainly because he's a great person to hang around with and not because he's got a set of abs you could cut yourself on.

What do you guys think? Does Manganiello float your boat? Who would be your Fictional Boyfriend of the Year? You have my permission to swoon in the comments below.

True Blood will return for its sixth season this summer on HBO and you can get all the updates here [[follow]].


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