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Mark Newton

True Blood's recently appeared in New York to shill for Magnum ice creams for one reason or another. While he was there, InsideTV managed to interrogate him about the upcoming season.

Manganiello explained that new showrunner, Brian Buckner, would certainly be opening in style. He said:

He's letting loose a lot of the things that he's wanted to do the past few years and maybe didn't get around to doing.

In regards to Alcide he was a little more candid, revealing:

He's in charge of this unruly group of werewolves, and it's not the best job in the world. I'll just say that.

However, InsideTV were able to pump a tiny bit more information from Manganiello, especially regarding the potential for more steamy sex scenes. He explained:

Whether or not there are Hong Kong wires, I don't want to give any of that away. But we definitely get into some territory that hasn't been covered yet on True Blood. I thought I'd done it all, seen it all, but they somehow found a way to top last year.

But, what do you think? How do you want Alcide's story to pan out in Season 6? Let me know below.


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