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It's impossible to miss Joe Manganiello these days, partly due to his impressive stature and partly due to the fact that he's stuck his monster-sized fingers in a lot of Hollywood shaped pies over the last few years.

Yet, which upcoming movies can we look forward to with Joe Manganiello in the future? Below is your rundown of the films he's been working on this year, from elusive Batman projects and drunken comedies, to family-friendly animations.

What Are The Upcoming Movies From Joe Manganiello?

1. Untitled Batman Reboot

Joe Manganiello will be Deathstroke
Joe Manganiello will be Deathstroke
  • Release: TBC

Who else is in it? Ben Affleck, Jeremy Irons, J.K. Simmons

Joe Manganiello will be stepping into the shoes of Slade Wilson a.k.a. Deathstroke in Ben Affleck's Batman reboot with DC Entertainment. Although minimal details have surfaced, expect him to make quite the entrance as the main villain of the movie.

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2. Drunk Parents

Selma Hayek and Alec Baldwin are drunk
Selma Hayek and Alec Baldwin are drunk
  • Release: TBC

Who else is in it? Salma Hayek, Bridget Moynahan, Alec Baldwin

Salma Hayek and Alec Baldwin reunite following their romantic stint in 30 Rock in hilarious flick Drunk Parents, also starring Joe Manganiello of course. The premise of the comedy is simple: Two drunk parents with severe financial problems attempt to hide their issues from their daughter via various neighborhood exploits. As I'm sure you can guess, things don't go to plan.

3. Shoplifters of the World

Release: 2017

Who else is in it? Isabelle Fuhrman, Sasha Lane

Based on true events, Joe Manganiello's upcoming movie takes place in Denver in 1987. The focus is on a group of four friends who are lamenting the break-up of British band The Smiths, all the while the band's super-fan highjacks the local radio station at gunpoint.

The movie title is taken from one of the The Smith's most iconic songs – listen to it above.

4. Smurfs: The Lost Village

  • Release: April 7, 2017

Who else is in it? Jack McBrayer, Keegan-Michael Key, Bill Hader, Demi Lovato

Finally, Joe Manganiello will be lending his gravelly tones to the Smurfs: The Lost Village animation, currently being filmed in 2016. In the role of Hefty, his vocal chords will be setting out on an exciting adventure with Smurfette, Brainy and Clumsy through the Forbidden Forest in order to uncover some kind of secret that's probably really important.


Which Joe Manganiello movie are you most excited for?

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