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Last year, legendary director Martin Scorsese confirmed that his next movie would be The Irishman, a movie that will be a welcome return to the gangster genre. For those unfamiliar with the upcoming film, The Irishman has the trademarks of some of Scorsese's best movies: a period crime story, old-school gangsters, and an Oscar-winning cast.

The latest casting news for The Irishman cements the film as a feature that will be reminiscent of Scorsese classics, as his three-time collaborator Joe Pesci has been confirmed to be joining the all-star cast.

The Legendary Joe Pesci Returns: Just Don't Call Him Funny!

Deadline recently confirmed that Joe Pesci has officially signed up to join The Irishman after reportedly declining to join the production 50 times. Though the details behind Pesci's adamant refusal to join The Irishman may never be revealed, his return from a long hiatus is something to look forward to.

Pesci skyrocketed to fame thanks to his many roles in the gangster genre. At the height of his popularity, Pesci went on to star in blockbusters like Home Alone and the Lethal Weapon sequels. However, after appearing in Love Ranch back in 2010, he left the cinematic spotlight.

In The Irishman, Pesci will play mob boss Russell Bufalino, a man suspected to have played a part in a high-profile case involving union leader Jimmy Hoffa (Al Pacino). The Irishman details Hoffa's sudden disappearance, the events that led to it, and the overall impact it had on the criminal underworld. All of this will be told from the perspective of Frank "The Irishman" Sheeran, played by the great Robert de Niro.

The Irishman: The Ultimate Scorsese Movie

'Raging Bull' [Credit: United Artists]
'Raging Bull' [Credit: United Artists]

Pesci's latest role doesn't just signify his return to Hollywood, but also proves that The Irishman will be the ultimate Scorsese reunion that serious moviegoers never thought would happen. Pesci will be joining Robert De Niro, who he worked with on notable Scorsese movies such as Casino, Goodfellas and Raging Bull.

If everything goes as planned, Harvey Keitel and Leonardo DiCaprio could also join the reunion. However, the two actors have yet to finalize a deal.

To make things even more exciting, The Irishman also stars Award-winning actor Al Pacino as Jimmy Hoffa. Though Pacino has never starred in a Scorsese film before, some of his best work (such as The Godfather trilogy and Scarface) dealt with themes and characters commonly seen in Scorsese movies. With an acclaimed career that centers around gangster flicks, Pacino and Scorsese are a match made in movie heaven.

'Scarface' [Credit: Universal Pictures]
'Scarface' [Credit: Universal Pictures]

Ever since the gangster genre was at the peak of its popularity, fans have always hoped to see the perfect crime movie made by the genre's best creators. With a Jimmy Hoffa biopic directed by Martin Scorsese, starring some of the best on-screen gangsters, this long-time dream could finally become a reality.

The Irishman is expected to start shooting this August, and is reportedly aiming for a release between 2018 and 2019. The movie will be produced by , and will premier on the popular streaming site.

Are you excited for Joe Pesci's return? Share your thoughts and expectations in the comments below.


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