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Brian Salisbury

is no stranger to epic filmmaking, in fact he seems most at home in the grandest of productions. So when it was announced that Scott was helming Exodus: Gods and Kings, another big screen adaptation of the story of Moses, few were shocked. Now it appears, according to The Hollywood Reporter, that (Zero Dark Thirty) is in talks to play the pharaoh Ramses opposite who has already signed on to play Moses. Exodus, coming to us via 20th Century Fox, will shoot in Spain, Morocco, and England.

There has been an undercurrent of discontent with this piece of news stemming from the fact that a fair-skinned Aussie actor would be playing an ancient Egyptian ruler. I totally understand this concern, as it would seem more appropriate to cast an actor of a closer ethnicity. And it is true that there are endless examples of Hollywood "whitewashing" roles in order to sell films based on star power. In fact, if you look at the last time this particular biblical story was adapted for the screen, American actor played Moses, and Scott's version already has Christian Bale, a Welsh actor, playing Moses. So no, Edgerton's casting doesn't make a lot of sense, but then neither does Bale's. I guess I just don't understand this production in general.

What do you guys think?


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