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Brian Salisbury

While I am incredibly excited about Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, when took the gig it meant he had to depart the Warner Brothers big screen reboot of The Twilight Zone. Now it appears another director whose stock is currently on the rise is in position to take the reins. The Hollywood Reporter is, well, reporting that (Oblivion) is in negotiations for the job.

Talk about one of the great sci-fi properties of all time, The Twilight Zone's episodic thought-provoking stories, the best crafted by or the recently departed , were groundbreaking. A number of the classic vignettes made their way to the 1983 big screen version under the command of some of Hollywood's top filmmakers. Given the anthology nature of the show, one wonders why WB is looking at only one director for the new movie. Kosinski is a competent director, if a bit overly-reliant upon existing material/tropes. But then, that would make him an ideal candidate for a remake I suppose.

What do you guys think?


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