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John Barrowman was introduced to the world of nerd culture with his portrayal of Captain Jack Harkness on Doctor Who and Torchwood, but since then, he has become somewhat of a geek legend. Apart from portraying the first openly LGBTQ character in Doctor Who’s 54-year history – which is an amazing achievement – Barrowman has also been a trailblazer in real life and continues to charm fans around the world.

In recent years, Barrowman has been a fixture in The CW’s with his portrayal of the villainous Malcolm Merlyn. Although Barrowman is a fantastic character actor, it’s his bubbly personality and his presence on social media that have endeared him to fans. John Barrowman often makes the rounds at several fan conventions each year, and he tends to bring his own brand of cosplay to mark each occasion.

While attending Atlanta’s Dragoncon, Barrowman channeled his inner and brought joy to everyone in attendance. In several Instagram posts, Barrowman showcased his dynamite Wonder Woman cosplay and solidified his place in the annals of nerd history.

John Barrowman's Epic Wonder Woman Cosplay Wins Dragoncon

In his first Instagram post, Barrowman hilariously showcases his stunning legs in his self-described “Wonder Man” cosplay, and apparently has taken a position on the hotel’s staff. After he thoroughly dusts a desk, he answers the phone and offers himself as one of the room service options along with coffee or tea – which would've certainly garnered the hotel an illustrious 5-star rating.

In his second post, Barrowman gives fans a better look at his blinged-out Wonder Man outfit, which looks even better up close.

While it might seem silly to some that Barrowman put on a sparkly costume, the post meant a lot to one Instagram user in the comments section and their comment highlights why the actor is so beloved:

“You are my HERO!!!! Many times I am so depressed. I see your posts and my heart swells. My family wants me to downplay my passion for life. All I want to do is embrace it.”

In the third post, Barrowman showed off his wonderful legs again, only this time he was taking photos with a very happy fan during his photo-op. While it's a great honor to meet a celebrity you adore, Barrowman goes above and beyond to make his fans feel special. He is unabashed about being queer, and continues to smash gender stereotypes for his fans, both in the community and without by happily cosplaying as female characters, or gender-swapped versions of them.

John Barrowman's Cosplay Through The Years

Although Barrowman’s Wonder Man cosplay at Dragoncon was amazing, it’s only one of many outfits he has adorned over the years. While it’s true that he does not cosplay at every comic convention he attends (which is several every year), when he does, he steals the show. For San Diego Comic-Con 2017, Barrowman sported his “bigger on the inside” dress as a nod to his tenure on :

Before debuting his TARDIS dress at SDCC 2017, shared an Instagram post of some of his past cosplays to get fans hyped for his new outfit. The post contains a picture of him cosplaying as Zapp Brannigan from Futurama, Marvel Comic’s Squirrel Girl, and Harley Quinn:

John Barrowman continues to be one of the most wonderful people to follow on social media, and the rapport he has with his fans is second to none. Unfortunately, Barrowman may not return for Arrow Season 6, but we can continue to bask in his wonderful presence on his various social media pages.

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