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Most actors have some idea of what their dream job would be, and from playing Tom Cruise's butt double to Lifeless Corpse No. 2 on an episode of CSI, it is a slippery slope to the top. However, I think that everyone would be in unanimous agreement that when you land a starring role on HBO's , you've pretty much made it — well, nearly everyone.

If you think that being the butt of the joke and the Citadel's very own 9–5 Dolly Parton isn't as glamorous as riding dragons or banging your aunt, you aren't alone in that one. Now, the man behind Samwell Tarly has had enough of it too, and after seven years of being everyone's favorite tubby punching bag, actor has spoken out on why he actually hates being part of Game of Thrones.

Sam The Man

In an interview with Shortlist Magazine (via Digital Spy), John Bradley revealed that it isn't all picking flowers in High Garden or sunning yourself alongside a glass of Dornish wine. For those like Bradley who have been trapped in the North for the show's entire run, life on Thrones can be more miserable than Jon Snow's frowny face:

"Any bit of the show where the landscape looks inhospitable, there's been a good chance I'll be popping up...I remember huddling with Kit Harington and a couple of other actors in Belfast in season 1, swearing I couldn't think of anywhere I could go where I'd be colder or more exposed to the elements."

However, much like Sam's journey on the show, things were always destined to get worse for Bradley:

"A few days later, an email with 'ICELAND' at the top popped into my inbox and I realised I'd spoken too soon."

With winter officially setting in across all the Seven Kingdoms, don't expect Sam and Gilly to be heading on a summer holiday to get away from it all when the show returns in 2019. Some people are just stuck with bad luck, and it sounds like Bradley has inherited some off his character too.

Alongside the star's moanings about learning his lines with icicles dripping from his nose, he's also got gripes about Sam's wardrobe collection — a case where black is definitely the new black. We have already covered how the show cuts costs from that $15 million per episode budget and actually crafts the cloaks of the Night's Watch from cheap Ikea rugs, and Bradley is equally unimpressed with Sam's fashion choices:

"There are some really beautiful costumes on Game of Thrones. Mine isn't one of them...When the show's over, I'm going to ceremonially burn that cloak."

Since being bullied round the Castle Black courtyard in Season 1, Samwell Tarly has gone on to become a staple of the Thrones lore. From his romance with Gilly to his daddy issues, being the first on the show to kill a White Walker and Westeros' most uncomfortable cum face, it just wouldn't be A Song of Ice and Fire without his doughy face to guide us through. While Bradley is probably perfectly happy with his tenure on the show, moaning about your part is one surefire way to find yourself facing the pointy end of David Benioff and D.B. Weiss's wrath and sent the way of Ned, Robb, Cat, Stannis, Joffrey, Littlefinger, Renly, King Robert, Viserys, Ros, and all the other fallen cast members.

Either way, Bradley probably shouldn't be too worried, it looks like Sam is in it for the long run. Whether or not Sam really does become the one who charts the War of the Five Kings and beyond, it appears that both the books and the show have big plans for the Tarly heir in their different climaxes. So, all I can say is, grin and bear it. I'm sorry John, but if you don't want to do it for Season 8, I'm sure there are plenty of other people who would be happy to wear the Ikea rug for you!

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