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For over a decade, John Cena has been a hero to kids all over the world and lately he has shown everyone that he is a pretty good comedic actor too with memorable parts in movies like Trainwreck and Sisters. But now, Cena trading his wrestling gear for army camouflage in his latest movie, The Wall.

The trailer for it is pretty gruesome, and Cena is definitely in his element as a soldier alongside his fellow costar Aaron Taylor-Johnston. Check it out below.

The Wall follows two American soldiers, who end up in a standoff with an Iraqi soldier, with any sign of movement leading to their deaths. However, unlike many war dramas, this film as far as we know is not based on a true story.

This isn't Cena's first time playing a soldier either. Fans might remember back in 2006 he starred in The Marine, which was met with mixed reviews. His performance in the film was met with some harsh criticism as well, but Cena has been improving and it looks like he's going to shine in The Wall.

'The Wall' [Credit: Amazon Studios]
'The Wall' [Credit: Amazon Studios]

The Wall is being produced by Amazon Productions, and will be released May 12.

Are you going to go see The Wall? Do you think John Cena is becoming a better actor? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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