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Ever since John Cena hinted that his retirement from wrestling may be closer than some fans would hope for, his bid to become a movie star has been gaining major traction.

Although he had some minor appearances in the past, Cena seems to be taking his transition from the ring to the big screen a lot more seriously than before - and it's paying off in a major way. In fact, the former Doctor of Thuganomics has landed himself a number of significant lead roles, including an upcoming the upcoming Transformers spin-off centered on Bumblebee. Now, if The Weinstein Company have their way, Cena is about to add yet another potential blockbuster to his filmography.

Cena Could Be The Next Knight Rider!

John Cena and Kevin Hart [Credit: Universal Pictures]
John Cena and Kevin Hart [Credit: Universal Pictures]

As reported by Screenrant, The Weinstein Company are negotiating a possible deal with Cena to be the star of the upcoming movie. Billed as a comedic reboot of the popular '80s show for a new generation of audiences, John Cena is reportedly being considered for the role of the high-tech crime fighter Michael Knight.

Comedian is also being considered to star alongside Cena, this time as the voice of the self-aware automobile KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand). Armed with state-of-the-art weapons, KITT aids Knight in his crime fighting escapades under the guidance of the public justice organization FLAG (Foundation for Law and Government).

In the original show, Knight was played by David Hasselhoff, and William Daniels voiced KITT. Knight Rider ran for a total of four seasons that included 90 episodes during the '80s, and the show has maintained a dedicated following ever since.

If both Cena and Hart do headline the Knight Rider movie, audiences could expect Cena's tough-guy persona to clash with Hart's signature fast-talking shtick.

The Long Road To Knight Rider

Though Knight Rider remains one of the most well-known shows from the '80s, producers have been struggling to revive the franchise. The show itself had multiple sequels and spin-offs produced by various networks, but none of them gained enough traction to get a second season or sequel.

Plans for a Knight Rider film adaptation have been around since the early 2000s, but many of these proposed films never left the drawing board either. Actors considered for the lead role included Ben Affleck (as Michael Knight) and Orlando Bloom (as Knight's son), but these ideas were ultimately scrapped. Another proposed reboot included a darker sequel to the original series, starring Hasselhoff in a mature, Logan-styled reboot directed by Robert Rodriguez.

In 2006, The Weinstein Company acquired the rights to Knight Rider, and the studio has been planning the franchise's return ever since. Should Cena and Hart sign on for the comedic reboot, this would mark significant progress for the long-delayed Knight Rider movie that has been dormant for more than a decade. Though nothing official has been signed yet, audiences may get to see KITT and Knight ride again sooner than expected.

Do you think the Knight Rider reboot's potential duo are a good match? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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