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You can't go much wrong with , so here's three minutes of him talking on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He briefly discusses a few of his upcoming projects, namely Inside Llewyn Davis, The Hangover Part III and Monsters University. He even topped off his interview with the first ever clip of the Disney-Pixar flick. Check out the interview below:

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Monsters University will reunite the voice of John Goodman with , as well as , , , and .

Set before Monsters Inc, University shows how Mike and Sully overcome some initial trouble to become the best of Monster friends. You can expect to see all the high-jinks when it hits theaters on June 21st.

Which Goodman film are you most looking forward to? Personally, I think anything involving Goodman and the Coen brothers is destined to be awesome, so Inside Llewyn Davis gets my vote. What gets yours?


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