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Scottish director 's upcoming Not Another Happy Ending, will, in an ironic twist, be getting a happy ending at this summer's Edinburgh International Film Festival when it closes out the festivities on June 30th, according to festival organizers.

The film stars as a struggling publisher who goes into crisis mode when his star writer (Doctor Who's ) hits a massive case of writer's block. When he discovers it's because she's become too happy about her recent success, and can only write when she's unhappy, he goes on a mission to sabotage her happiness. The trouble is, the worse he makes her feel, the more he realizes he's in love with her.

According to EIFF's artistic director, Chris Fujiwara, the festival organizers are really sold on this movie, and understandably so:

Speaking as somebody who, before coming to Scotland, knew Scotland partly through its portrayal in films, I'm really excited to find in Not Another Happy Ending a fresh, interesting, and almost idyllic take on the cultural vibrancy of Scottish city life.

Having spent some time in Edinburgh myself, I can say that it is an amazing city, and if the movie does justice to the setting, it will be a quirky and energetic little film. Judging from the artwork of the poster up above, that whimsy appears to be in full force. The EIFF kicks off June 19th in the Scottish capital.


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