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John Stamos is best known as Uncle Jesse from Full House, but soon he will be known as the husband of actress Caitlin McHugh (The Vampire Diaries). He proposed to her in the place where dreams come true: Disneyland.

The couple announced their engagement on Stamos's Instagram account with an aptly romantic cartoon drawn by Disney artist Paul Briggs. They are depicted standing in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle. "I asked...she said yes!" Stamos wrote. "And we lived happily ever after."

Stamos's decision to propose in Disneyland makes sense, because McHugh is a big fan of all things Disney, as her Instagram account proves — she's been known to dress up as Disney princesses:

Though neither Stamos nor McHugh shared videos of the proposal, onlookers and passersby were quick to share the romantic moment to the world. Fans were happy for the couple, with many wishing them good luck.

How happy are you for John Stamos and Caitlin McHugh? Share your congratulations in the comments below!

[Source: Cosmopolitan]


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