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Lock and load — John Wick Chapter 2 is getting ready to hit cinemas early next year! With rumors of a third installment (and maybe more) in the works, the retired hitman is building quite the franchise. The first film brought us fiery destruction, retribution, and countless bullets as John hunted his nemeses — but it left us with some questions that, perhaps, only a prequel could answer. With the franchise developing at this rate, will it be enough to only touch on the character's past, and let the guns do all of the talking?

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What Happened To John Wick?

Image - Lionsgate (2014)
Image - Lionsgate (2014)

Love sent him into early retirement, and the tragic death of his wife brought him back. Grief-stricken and heartbroken, a brutal attack on his home pushed him over the edge, and we were given an insight into John's life before marriage: the life of an infamous assassin. We left John Wick beaten and bloody yet triumphant, accompanied by his new accomplice in the form of a pit bull saved from death. As he strolled away down the dark streets of New York, his future as a gunman remained unclear. His past was still shrouded in mystery, and his family and training were still in question.

In short, John Wick left us with a lot of questions yet to be answered, and a lot of mysteries yet to be unravelled. Here are some of the big questions surrounding John Wick that we'd love to see answered in a prequel.

So What Got John Into Crime?

We have been able to piece together fragments of the assassin’s past, such as his possible training from his ally, Marcus, played by Willem Dafoe. Everybody knows his name, and he even has the cops on his side — but how? A prequel could shine a light on how he got to be the unrelenting ‘Boogeyman’, who got him there and why.

Who Is Marcus?

Image - Lionsgate (2014)
Image - Lionsgate (2014)

A friend willing to give his life or a proud mentor? Either way, Marcus clearly had history with John Wick. If he trained John, he must have trained others, and had some kind of background in crime himself. A prequel with an ‘assassin’s academy’ and unseen characters as kickass as John? Yes, please.

What Went Down During ’The Impossible Task’ ?

Image - Lionsgate (2014)
Image - Lionsgate (2014)

Destroying every single competitor you have in one night? No wonder this mission was deemed impossible — but, of course, not for Wick. Rather than getting an awe-inspiring action sequence, all we got on 'The Impossible Task' was a brief conversation between Viggo Mortensen and his son.

'The Impossible Task' could provide us with a fight scene to top the dysfuntional party shootout in the first film, and could certainly give us something we haven't seen before. Whether it is in a prequel or a flashback, we need to see this staggering level of skill!

What Is Up With The Continental Hotel?

Image - Lionsgate (2014)
Image - Lionsgate (2014)

A hotel with assassins checked into every room, the corridors buzzing with gunfights and attentive staff looking the other way? John seemed to be a regular visitor to The Continental Hotel, as no one batted an eyelid at his blood stained shirt. This leads us to believe he could not have been the only one to have some ‘dealings’ in the city. It would be interesting to see who else resided there, and what they were up to before John retired.

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With the future already looking so promising for the franchise, John Wick is set to have a lasting legacy — as well as giving us the Keanu Reeves comeback we have all been waiting for! John Wick 2 is set to rival the first film in terms of awesome action content, but a prequel added to the franchise (before any further sequels) would give it some precedence. You can see John get his revenge on the big screen from February 10th 2017 — he is suiting up as we speak!


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