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It's time to make the chimi-f*****g-changas! At least, it seems like it may be time for a certain someone to be making them for Deadpool's second go-around. And oh boy, does it seem like a hell of a good time.

As most fans may have sadly heard, Tim Miller (the first film's director and main advocate to have 20th Century Fox Studios make the damn thing) left the sequel, due to creative differences with — Ryan Reynolds?! Yeah, I was a bit confused about that as well.

Rumors claim the split came to be over budgeting issues, where Miller aimed to turn the sequel into a big budget blockbuster, while Reynolds and screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick wanted to keep a low-budget and have a scrappy vibe, in-tune of the original film. Other reports say that another problem among the actor and director were casting issues, specifically over the casting of Deadpool's common ally and frenemie .

I'll spare you the details, but long story short, is out of the Deadpool picture and the highly anticipated sequel is in need of a new director!

"What the s**t?!"
"What the s**t?!"

Now, who could possibly fill in and take over Tim Miller's place? The movie would need someone that knows their ways around heavy action sequences, but can fully incorporate the crude comedy for which Deadpool and company are well known. Maybe even someone new to directing, just like Miller was when he helmed the first film.

Come On Down, David Leitch!

via Instagram / @bettymaecasting
via Instagram / @bettymaecasting

According to Mashable's Jeff Sneider, long-time stuntman turned director is the frontrunner to fill in the void for Deadpool's second coming. (Get your mind out of the gutter.)

Best known for directing the high-octane action flick (alongside Chad Stahelski) and being a stuntman for more than 20 years, Leitch definitely knows a thing or two about making some damn good action pieces. Seeing that our beloved DP is all about the heavy action and kicking tons of ass, Leitch seems like a great fit for the follow-up with his guidance in the action business alongside Reese and Wernick's comedically filled script.

Although no deal has been struck yet, Mashable claims that multiple sources confirm that while more directors may be in contention, it seems that has found their new Deadpool director in Leitch. Only time will tell if this all comes to fruition.

is reportedly eying a 2018 release date, with returning as the titular character of Wade Wilson/Deadpool.

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