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Tino Jochimsen

Hong Kong action legend and proficient dove tamer has been trying to get a remake of Jean-Pierre Melville’s chilling crime classic Le Cercle Rouge for years – at least according to rumors.

Speaking with the German newspaper Die Welt, Woo debunked those rumors and, somehow unsuspectedly, announced that he would direct a remake of Jean-Pierre Melville's Le Samurai instead.

Why tell it to the Germans, you may ask? Well, Woo will set the remake of the quintessential Parisian film in Berlin.

The reasons for this, Woo stated, are partly financial in nature so, German film funding played a considerable role. Woo also described Berlin as a city which, unlike Paris or London, was not as satisfied with its current status and therefore more interesting.

Woo assures us that the movie will be shot in English and that the script is currently being worked on in Hollywood.

If you think that the fact that a Chinese director is remaking a French classic in the German capital in English sounds weird, well, so do we.


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