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, the bullet-spraying master of the action genre, hasn't directed a project for four years, but that all changed when production recently got underway for his new flick, The Crossing.

According to Variety, The Crossing tells of a momentous voyage in the South China Sea and is being likened to 's Titanic. Set against the upheavals of revolutionary China in 1949, the war epic "is the story of three couples from different backgrounds who make a fateful voyage on a ship fleeing China to Taiwan". From a total of 1,500 people on board, only 50 survived.

Woo is responsible for some massively influential and super-violent gangster movies such as Hard Target, Broken Arrow, Face/Off, Mission: Impossible II and - more recently - the colossal Han dynasty action epic, Red Cliff. So, let's hope that The Crossing at least features some signature double-gun and dove shots. I miss the doves...

I'm looking forward to seeing some of the historical context of migration from China to Taiwan, too. I would like to see a thoroughly honest movie about that time and that situation. But, if Woo has to suck up to China on this one, I expect to be a little disappointed.

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