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An ultra-violent Hong Kong crime thriller might not be what you'd expect to see at the Cannes Film festival, but that's exactly what you'll get if you attend its midnight movie section. This year 's Blind Detective leads the way in helping Cannes judges let off some late night frustration.

I've just grabbed a first look at teaser trailer for the film, and you totally should too. Check it out below:

(via IndieWire)

So, what is Blind Detective about? Well, it's probably no surprise to find out it's about a detective... who's blind. I guess, sometimes Cantonese film titles lose some of their gravitas somewhere in the translation process. Despite its less than amazing name, Blind Detective does look like a stylish crime thriller overflowing with trademark Hong Kong ultra-violence.

Although the name succinctly sums up the central concept of the movie, I'm guessing you might want to know a tiny bit more, so here's the synopsis:

Forced to leave the police force after turning blind, a former detective ekes out his living by solving cold cases for police rewards. When an inspector enlists his help on a personal case he decides to take a chance on it.

Blind Detective arrives in Cannes on May 15th, unfortunately it current has no stateside distributor. However, if it's received well, this could definitely change.

What do you think? Would you see Blind Detective in theaters if you got the chance? Let me know below.


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