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Spending money is just part of the game when you become rich and famous. Original art, sparkling jewelry, expensive cars and haute couture are normally what celebrities are seen buying. But sometimes, even celebs have to be wary of how much of their bank they are breaking.

has been rumored to have a spending problem. Currently, he's a huge legal battle with The Management Group (TMG) — his former management team — about how much of his current unstable financial situation is due to his spending habits or TMG's mismanagement. Just recently, The Hollywood Reporter published an amended cross-complaint filed by TMG that states Depp spent $7,000 on a couch from the set of Keeping Up With the Kardashians for his daughter Lily-Rose. That amount of money doesn't sound like that much considering he's made so much money from his movies. In the grand scheme of things, it's not the strangest or most expensive item ever bought by a celeb because reasons.

Here's some other off-the-wall items purchased by celebrities that blow that couch out of the water:

1. Johnny Depp Buys A Cannon For A Dead Friend

If you think spending $7,000 on a couch is insane, I bet you didn't know Depp once spent $3 million for a cannon. That cannon was used as part of a funeral to shoot the ashes of Hunter S. Thompson—the famous gonzo author of The Rum Diary—over Aspen, Colorado. Depp was a close friend of Thompson, and even stared in the movie adaptation of The Rum Diary. That may sound like a crazy amount of money, but it would still be cool to have a friend that is willing to spend that kind of cash for your funeral.

2. Nicolas Cage Loves Dinosaurs—Like LOVES Dinosaurs

Nicolas Cage in 'Ghost Rider' [Columbia Pictures Corporation]
Nicolas Cage in 'Ghost Rider' [Columbia Pictures Corporation]

is another actor that is known to have no fear when it comes to opening his wallet. What do you get a guy who has a few islands and a couple of castles? Apparently, you get him something that literally doesn't exist anymore. Back in 2007, when a 67-million-year-old skull of a Tyrannosaurus hit the market, Cage had no qualms dishing out $276,000. He even beat out Leonardo DiCaprio for it, too, because, well...somehow that just seems right. Who wouldn't want a dinosaur skull hanging in their living room? The answer is not "Nicholas Cage." I'm sure it made for a fun conversation piece.

3. Lady Gaga Is A Ghostbuster (Albeit With A Higher Budget)

I ain't afraid of no ghost. But must be afraid. As a huge believer in those pesky spirits, Gaga purchased a $50,000 on an electromagnetic field meter. This is a device used by ghost hunters to pick up the electric discharge that is suppose to happen when ghosts appear—yes, the EMF meter that Egon Spengler rocked in Ghostbusters. I bet she developed her fondness for ghosts after working on American Horror Story: Hotel. Do they make any device that detects vampires?

4. Bono's Hat Flies First Class

I've owned several hats throughout my life. There have been some that I adored more than others. But I never got upset when I lost one or it got damaged. But if you're Bono you will do whatever it takes to make sure you never lose your favorite hat. In a moment of crisis, U2's frontman turned into Gollum after realizing he left his most precious trilby hat in London while traveling. So when he arrived in Italy, decided to have his hat flown to him...via first class. He put it in a taxi to the airport, then put it on a plane, where it rode right in the cockpit with the pilot, then on another couriered taxi to bring it to him. He ended up spending around $1500 just have his favorite hat back on his head.

5. Kim Basinger Buys A Town...25 Years Too Soon

Kim Basinger in 'Batman' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Kim Basinger in 'Batman' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

When you're in Braselton, Georgia, be aware that you are in what was once land. She decided to buy the town in 1989 for $20 million to turn it into a tourist attraction, commercial center, and a possible site for film studios. As a native of Georgia, Basinger thought this was a good idea. Unfortunately, it didn't pan out and Basinger and her investors ended up dumping the land for $1 million. But life being the cruel mistress that it is, the irony is that now Georgia is the fastest-growing location for major productions thanks to Pinewood Studios and The Walking Dead being filmed there. Basinger was just ahead of her time by two and a half decades, I guess.

6. Mike Tyson's Tigers Prove Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Remember Mike Tyson's hilarious cameo in The Hangover II and the crazy scene involving his tiger? Well, there's actually some truth to that. At one point, he did purchase three white Bengal tigers. Each tiger cost Tyson $70,000 to own, and an additional $200,000 in food. Who would ever tell that he can't buy a tiger? Don't you forget that this is the guy who bit off a part of Evander Holyfield's ear. At least one of them headbutted his gold tooth right out of his mouth before he had to give them away. The moral of the story is that Kenya the tiger is the real MVP here.

7. Daniel Radcliffe Needed Some Sleep

Guess what, Harry Potter fans? Your beloved had a crazy purchase of his own. He once used some of his money and spent $17,000 on a mattress. I guess the beds at Hogwarts weren't comfortable enough. Maybe he should have tried taking a nap on Hagrid's fluffy beard. At least that would have been free. Then again, if I were the Boy Who Lived and constantly dodging death, I'd probably want to ball out for my bed.

Nobody should judge Depp for spending some money on his daughter—even if the item came from the Kardashian's home. When actors start to make the big bucks, of course they are going to go on a frivolous spending spree. We can't help but live vicariously through their habits.

Which do you think is craziest item purchased from this list? Leave your comments below.

(Source: Cosmopolitan)


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