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Mark Newton

At want point do you have too much money? Well, whatever that point is, it seems like thinks he hasn't reached it yet. He just ditched a gangster biopic because the studio could only pay him $10 million.

Depp was down to star in the directed gangster biopic Black Mass, however according to The Hollywood Reporter, he left production once the studio was unable to afford his fee. Depp was due to star in the film, which follows the life of Boston gangster Whitey Bulger, for his usual salary of $20 million. Unfortunately poor sales at Cannes means the studio wanted to trim the budget down to $60 million, therefore cutting Depp's money-pie in half.

He was due to start working on Black Mass after completing his involvement on the sci-fi project Transcendence. But with Depp gone, it's unclear how the project will continue. This must be bad news for who was also recently attached to the movie as a disgraced FBI agent.

I can expect the project will go ahead, but I imagine the studio is frantically trying to find a big-name leading man who'll commit to the project for 'only' $10 million.

What do you think? Is Depp being unreasonable, or does he deserve such a high wage for a single film? Let me know your opinion below.


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