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Johnny Depp's turbulent breakup with The Management Group is far from over and the star's lawyers are implying that the 53-year-old has been the victim of a vicious smear campaign at the hands of his former business management company.

Back in January, Depp sued The Management Group (TMG) for $25 million, claiming they committed fraud against him and made poor financial decisions that lost him millions. TMG returned the punches with their own lawsuit, alleging that it was, in fact, Depp's out of control spending that left him broke.

Johnny's lawyer responded to TMG's claim that Depp blew all of his money (an alleged $2 million a month to be precise) on fancy wine and silken scarves by claiming the company was lying to protect their own hides.

According to People magazine, Johnny's lawyer Adam Waldman filed a fresh new complaint against TMG, claiming that the company have no defense against Depp apart from a plan to drag his name through the mud and tarnish his already damaged reputation.

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Waldman also claimed that Johnny's legal team have evidence that proves TMG were involved in some dodgy dealings with bank loan companies. Not only were they allegedly pulling some illegal stunts, but TMG was also allegedly pretty terrible at doing taxes.

"Today we have shown definitively that TMG systematically failed to pay Mr. Depp’s taxes on time for 16 straight years, leading to at least $8.3 million in penalties for Mr. Depp according to the IRS and the law firm that TMG itself hired."

Predictably, TMG wasn't having any of Waldman's statement and they hit back at the allegations with the following:

"Johnny Depp’s amended complaint confirms there’s ‘no there there.’ Depp backs away from his most inflammatory claims in his original complaint and tries to fill the void by rehashing previous false allegations. TMG looks forward to setting the record straight and further exposing Depp’s persistent lies."

The statement exchange continued with a final jab from Waldman who claims evidence supporting Johnny had been redacted from the complaint at the request of TMG's attorneys.

While you might expect this legal shit storm to get anybody down, Adam Waldman wanted to make it clear to People that Johnny is doing “really great” and is “very happy” at the moment.

Do you think Depp's out of control spending is to blame for his financial problems or are his business management group to blame?

(Source: People)


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