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With the smashing and critically-acclaimed success of last year's Les Miserables still fresh in our minds, it appears Hollywood wants to ride the musical train for a little while longer.

Director-choreographer , who strayed away from the stage to direct the most recent Pirates of the Caribbean film, is returning to what he knows and loves with his adaptation of and 's twisted fairytale musical Into the Woods. It appears as if Marshall will be bringing with him a stalwart of the Pirates franchise, however: Empire Online reports that is in talks with Marshall to play the lead.

Depp would play a childless baker, who, along with his wife, ventures into the woods to confront the witch who laid a family curse on him. Along the way, they encounter Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk and Rapunzel as the witch conspires to teach them all important lessons. This wouldn't be the first time Depp has appeared onscreen in a musical adaptation: He was previously the lead in 's Sweeney Todd.

Along with Depp, the iconic is said to be considering the role of the witch. If this is true, I'm already lobbying for and in the roles of the Princes: We already know they can sing, and they'd be able to do justice to the hilarious ego throw-down that is "Agony".

Depp has a full plate in front of him, as he's already committed to working on both 's directorial debut, Transcendence, along with 's mobster drama Black Mass. So it remains to be seen when the film will start production, but Marshall is already busy rounding up the troops behind the scenes. Lepine himself is busy at work on the script and David Krane of Chicago and Nine fame is arranging the music.

This is going to be a fun one, folks, and one we'll be following closely. So if you're a musical fan, or just want to see Johnny Depp sing once more, click [[follow]] and we'll keep you updated.


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