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Modern day science fictions often exhibit our fears about the unforeseen consequences of the technological development. Humanity dreads the day when super-intelligent and sensible computers might take over. Wally Pfister's upcoming science fiction, expresses this fear, with Johnny Depp playing the world's foremost scientist of artificial intelligence. Transcendence is coming to theatres next spring, April 18, 2014 and we have a first look.

As Slashfilm reports, the first teaser trailers have been released for Transcendence. Although they do not feature any footage from the film itself, they do peek the viewers interest by displaying its very contemporary themes: the fear and frustration about modern technology.

The story centres around Will Caster (), a first rank artificial intelligence expert, whose ground-breaking work angers the future's anti-technology terrorists. When they try to assassinate him, he uploads his consciousness to a computer and thus creates the world's first machine with a fully-formed personality. However, the extraordinary achievement soon turns into a threat: matching unlimited amount of power and immense knowledge is a dangerous combination.

The intriguing first video features Johnny Deep overcoming "the limits of biology" by transcending into an ultimate all-knowing computer. Take a look here:


The second one features a cool voice-over from :


The dark futuristic vision is the directorial debut for helmer , an Academy-winner cinematographer, being responsible for the visuality of films like Inception and The Dark Knight Trilogy. Given the fact that he is a long-time collaborator of , who contributes as a producer, I think we can get our hopes high about this movie.

Besides Morgan Freeman, the film is going to feature other Nolan regulars, and .

If you have not read the full official synopsis yet, you can take a look at it here.

(source: Slash Film)

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