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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Gotham Season 3.

Gotham may be on its mid season break but that hasn't stopped the fans from speculating about what will happen next on the series. The third season has taken the Batman mythology to new heights with the introduction of The Mad Hatter and the transformation of Posion Ivy, but it also continued to develop it's own version of the Batman mythos by deviating from the comic canon, specifcally through Penguin's sexuality and his implied relationship with Nygma.

However, Gotham is set to reach new levels of awesomeness when it returns to screens this month as fan favourite character Jerome Valeska will be returning to the show. Cameron Monaghan who plays the character was first confirmed to return back in August but the character has been absent from our screens in Season 3 thus far.

Jerome met his demise in Season 2 when he was killed by the sinister Theo Gallavan — a decision that was rather controversial, especially considering the character was so beloved by many. Furthermore, the similarities between Jerome and comic book villain The Joker were uncanny — many fans were sure that Jerome would one day become The Joker. After Monaghan's Season 3 return was announced, fans began speculating about whether or not this transformation will take place — remember, Bruce Wayne is still young and has only started showing signs of his Batman destiny.

Following the mid season finale, Fox aired a promo marketing Jerome's return. In addition to this, Monaghan has been building up anticipation via social media by teasing his fans with snapshots of him in character as Jerome. These images are only partial shots of himself, including close-ups on his eyes and his smile and while they haven't given anything away, there is definitely reason to suggest that Jerome will look different when he returns. It was almost as if Monaghan was giving us puzzle pieces, revealing a little more with each photos.

Well, that puzzle has been put together courtesy of cameronvaleska on Instagram who combined all of Monaghan's teaser images together and the resulting image is amazing — it gives us an idea of what Monaghan's Joker will look like and to be honest, we're kind of freaking out at the sheer awesomeness of it all. Check it out below:

While we'll definitely mourn the loss of Jerome's good looks, there is no denying that Gotham fans have been dying to get a glimpse of Monaghan as The Joker ever since we first heard his sinister laugh back in Season 1. As you can see from the image, Jerome has definitely undergone some physical transformation which is likely the result of Dr. Hugo Strange's experimentations during the second season.

Check out all there is to know about Jerome's upcoming return to Gotham:

The Joker Has Arrived

[Source: Cameron Monaghan, Twitter]
[Source: Cameron Monaghan, Twitter]

Monaghan said on Twitter that Jerome's new look would be "iconic" and, if this edit is anything to go by, he was right. There's no denying that this new look is inspired by — the greatest villain of them all. We now have a clear image of what Monaghan's Joker could look like and it's glorious. We've suspected that Jerome would become The Joker and the news of the character undergoing a transformation was pretty much the only confirmation we needed.

Clearly influenced by several previous incarnations of the character, Monaghan's Joker has the potential to be the best one yet. Moreover, there has been speculation that Gotham would be using The New 52 iteration of The Joker and while it's too early to confirm this, it's pretty clear from this image that Monaghan's Joker has been, at the very least, influenced by The New 52 version — specifically the facial scarring. It's also worth noting that this new Jerome appears to have green eyebrows, which would certainly suggest that The Joker has already been born. It's only a matter of time before the green hair follows.

[Via FOX]
[Via FOX]

There is no doubt that Jerome Valeska was one of the greatest things about Gotham and this amazing fan edit has made us extremely excited for the show's return next week. Gotham has been on a bit of a roll this season, producing some it's strongest episodes yet, and it looks like it's only going to get better with Cameron Monaghan's return.

Monaghan's performance as Jerome was iconic and the character's re-introduction will allow the show to explore the origin story of the greatest villain of them all. All of the secrecy surrounding Jerome's new look certainly suggests that there are plenty of surprises left to come and we can't wait to see what the no-longer-pretty little psychopath has in store for the citizens of Gotham City.

Gotham returns this Monday, January 16th. What do you think of Cameron Monaghan's Joker look? Tell me in the comment section below.

[Source: Instagram]


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