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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Gotham Season 3.

Gotham has been crafting its own version of the Batman mythology for almost three years now, creating a unique world full of famous comic book characters that we know and love. The latest season has saw the show explore the Batman mythology in more detail with the introduction of The Mad Hatter, The Court of Owls and the rebirth of Poison Ivy.

As well as staying true to the comics, Gotham has ventured into new territory, setting it part from previous Batman adaptations, seen specifically through Penguin's sexuality and his hinted romance with Nygma. With the show currently off on it's mid season break, there will be brand new storylines in store for the drama come January and the latest promo confirmed the return of a fan favorite character — Jerome Valeska.

After Jerome died early on in Season 2, fans had been hoping that he would somehow return. Earlier this year, we were delighted to hear when Gotham executive producer John Stephens confirmed Jerome's return, something which actor Cameron Monaghan later teased by posting his signature laugh on social media. Gotham returns for new episodes in January and this preview finally confirms when Jerome will be back and we couldn't be more excited. But that's not all.

Monaghan took to social media several weeks ago, teasing fans with a new image of him in character as Jerome, confirming that he was back filming Gotham. However, it also suggested that Jerome would have some sort of facial scarring, which pretty much confirms that the character is set to become the Clown Prince Of Crime, The joker. Following the mid-season finale this week, Monaghan took to Twitter to tease Gotham fans further by posting these photos before immediately deleting them.

[via Twitter]
[via Twitter]

These photos give us a much better look at how different Jerome appears to be in the third season. Much like the previous photo, we can see that Monaghan is wearing some sort of prosthetic on his face. This suggests that Jerome has been altered in someway — much like Fish Mooney and the other experiments of Doctor Hugo Strange. The smile in the second photograph is particular noticeable as it is reminiscent of the scarring associated with The Joker. Could Jerome have already transformed into the Joker? It's certainly looking that way, but what will The Joker's arrival mean for Gotham?

Jerome Is Back!

[Via FOX]
[Via FOX]

With the introduction of Benedict Samuels' Jervis Tetch — The Mad Hatter — the third season of Gotham has focused on completely new story arc and the show is constantly highlighting the continual decay of the city. Due to Tetch distributing his infected sister's blood around the city, many of the citizens have been going mad. However, the mid-season finale saw the culmination of this storyline when Jim shot Mario — Lee's husband who was also infected. With no more story to tell here, Gotham will move into new territory and, in a season subtitled Mad City, who better to continue the madness than Jerome?

After months of anticipation, we now know when Jerome will be back and it's much sooner than expected. Initially, Stephens had planned the character's return in the fourth season but Monaghan — who recently wrapped production on the seventh season of Shameless — seems to be returning much earlier and we couldn't be happier. Judging from Gordon's expression in the trailer, he feels very differently though.

All you need to know about Jerome Valeska's return to Gotham:

Has Jerome Already Become The Joker?

[Via FOX]
[Via FOX]

Gotham has downplayed the idea that the villainous youngster will become Gotham's version of The Joker but let's be honest — there is nobody more capable of playing the role that Monaghan. His performance has become synomous with the Joker character and Monaghan has crafted his own devilish laugh that couldn't be more perfect if he tried.

One of the most important things about the new preview is that we don't actually see Jerome's face, suggesting that he is different than he was before. Again, this corroborates the idea that the character has also underwent some sort of transformation at the hands of Dr. Hugo Strange.

We've seen younger versions of Penguin, Riddler, Poison Ivy and Catwoman all on the show, but we've all been desperately waiting to see The Joker. Having said that, we've become accustomed to Jerome and it would definitely be upsetting if Gotham did not proceed with the character's transformation into the greatest villain of them all.

What Will Jerome's Return Mean For Gotham?

[Via FOX]
[Via FOX]

This season of Gotham has largely dealt with madness as well as the further degradation of the city's reputation. With Gordon and Bullock missing a police captain after Barnes became infected with the virus, the city couldn't be in a worse condition which makes it the perfect time for Jerome to rear his villainous albeit pretty little head. With Nygma, Barbara, Tabitha and Butch all distracted with their plot to take down Mayor Oswald, now is the perfect time for Jerome to swoop in and become the new leader of the criminal underworld.

The last thing Penguin needs is another criminal running wild and stealing his thunder — but that is exactly what Jerome would do: wreak havoc on the city. As you can see in the preview, Jerome appears to have amassed a large cult following in his absence, making him extremely dangerous. If he is transforming into The Joker then who knows what he will be capable of with thousands of minions by his side? Gotham may have to face it's biggest threat yet!

[Via FOX]
[Via FOX]

The third season of Gotham has certainly set the ball rolling for further exploration of the Batman mythology and it looks like this theme is going to continue when the show returns in January. So far we have seen Bruce going undercover on secret missions and experimenting with grapple hooks, Ivy becoming more like her comic book counterpart and a large feud forming between Penguin and Nygma, all of which have made for a pretty intense season. However, with the introduction of the biggest villian of all mere months away, Mad City is set to become crazier than ever.

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Gotham returns to FOX in January. Are you excited to see Jerome return? Tell me your hopes for the character in the comment section below.


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