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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Season 3 of Gotham.

The first half of Gotham's third season continued to develop the series' own unique universe. While it does borrow heavily from the Batman mythology there is no doubt that Gotham is establishing it's own original direction, a little like the Batman Telltale game series. This season has seen the rebirth of Poison Ivy, the introduction of the villainous Mad Hatter and the downfall of Captain Nathaniel Barnes. The Penguin also became mayor of the city and the character made history by showing romantic interest in Edward Nygma.

However, with the show currently on mid season break, all we can talk about is Cameron Monaghan's upcoming return to the series as the villainous Jerome Valeska. The character was killed in Season 2 but executive producer John Stephens confirmed Monaghan's return to the show back in August and Monaghan himself has since teased fans on social media with his iconic Joker laugh.

Despite all of the great storylines that Gotham is exploring at the minute, fans are more interested in seeing Monaghan re-appear as Jerome and when the show returns on January 16th it looks like their wish is going to come true. In recent weeks, Monaghan has taken to social media posting partial images of his new look, suggesting that Jerome has changed since we last saw him — perhaps a result of the experimentation conducted by Dr. Hugo Strange in Season 2.

What makes the anticipation even greater is the fact that these images seem to suggest that Jerome has transformed into none other than the Clown Prince of Crime himself, The Joker. Monaghan replied to several fans on Twitter this week and one of his replies certainly seem to suggest that Jerome will be more villainous than ever in Season 3.

Jerome was dangerous before, but Monaghan's tweet seems to suggest that the character is going to be a completely new type of monstrous when he makes his long awaited return. The last time we saw the character, he wreaked havoc on Gotham City and toyed with James Gordon, which led to the good hearted police officer making some questionable decisions.

Jerome's death left an impression on the citizens of Gotham, with many seeing the criminal as a source of inspiration. The cult of Jerome has been building and building and as we can see in the trailer for the mid-season premiere, Jerome has amassed a crowd that will no doubt bend to his will, making him more terrifying than ever.

Check out all there is to know about Jerome's upcoming return to Gotham:

Jerome's 'Iconic' New Look

One of the many images that Monaghan has posted online [Via Twitter]
One of the many images that Monaghan has posted online [Via Twitter]

There is so much anticipation on what Monaghan's character will look like when he makes his return. It has been well documented that there will be huge differences from how the character looked the last time we saw him but this leads us the question — has he become The Joker? Judging from the photos that Monaghan posts online, the answer would be yes.

These photos, of which there have been many, certainly seem to suggest that this transformation has taken place. Monaghan told a fan on Twitter that his new look will be 'iconic' leading us to believe that there could be elements of the famous classic Joker outfit involved.

There has also been evidence to suggest that Gotham is going to use The New 52 iteration of The Joker, which would see the character tear off his own facial flesh before stapling it back over his face. Several of the images that Monaghan posted featured shots of his face with staples attached. Moreover, an official Gotham still showed Lee Tompkins seemingly conducting an autopsy on Jerome's body and it's clear that his face has been torn off.

If Gotham does use the New 52 Joker as a source of inspiration then some alterations will have to be made as Gotham airs on network television, not cable, meaning that the show can't be too graphic. Either way, The New 52 has become one of the darkest Jokers ever and we have yet to see that version featured on screen and who better than Monaghan to bring him to life?

[Via Twitter]
[Via Twitter]

With only a matter of weeks to go before Gotham returns, there's not long left until Jerome's new look is unveiled to the world. Regardless of how he looks, there is no doubt about it that the criminally insane character will reign down hell on Gordon, the GCPD and Gotham City in general.

If Jerome has become more monstrous than ever then there is a possibility that the character has transformed into the Joker. If this is the case then it's a major deviation from the comic canon because The Joker will exist in a world where Batman hasn't been born yet. It looks like things are set to get so much worse for Gotham City and we can't wait to see these events unfold.

Gotham returns to FOX January 16th. Are you excited to see Jerome being more monstrous than ever? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.


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