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It's no secret that Harley Quinn and the Joker are perhaps the most popular couple not only within the DC Comics Universe, but within the comic book universe as a whole. Aside from popularity, it's easily one of the most violent and abusive relationships ever portrayed.

The representation of this couple (by and ) has already resonated strongly with audiences, and it could be said that they were the biggest draw with the latest installment, Suicide Squad.

However, there have been a lot of iterations of this relationship in comic books, video games and animated series. With the latest portrayal of this iconic couple, we were left with more than enough questions regarding their history and current relationship, but it was quite obvious that this version had a sexual relationship. One of those burning questions about this version is whether or not and have children together.

Let's review the evidence from Suicide Squad for why the possibility is so strong. Personally, I believe they already had children at some point prior to the events in , given the evidence and clues we were given. One question that really remains is, what happened to them?

Harley Quinn and the Joker are parents?

Well, yes and no. It depends on which existing story arc you're reading.

This is a theory supported by the DC Comics Universe and is derived from Injustice: Gods Among Us. During a rather deep conversation between Harley Quinn and Black Canary, Harley reveals the daughter she gave birth to and hid from the Joker. While Harley claims that she wasn't initially aware of her pregnancy with Lucy, the likely truth is that she knew the Joker simply couldn't have cared less and would have made a terrible father.

As much of a bombshell as this might have been for Suicide Squad, it doesn't change that this iteration of their story contradicted the longstanding theory that Harley Quinn and the Joker never had a sexual relationship - a theory that stemmed from the fact that he always seemed disgusted by her sexual advances.

However, as we see in Suicide Squad, Harley's provocative club dancing and the Joker's desperation to reunite with her suggests that a sexual relationship was the DCEU reality. Not to mention Harley's inner monologue in the official Suicide Squad novelization hinting at her rather unconventional sexual history with her Puddin'.

If we do manage to see more of Harley Quinn and the Joker in the DCEU, this information could be a hint that a big reveal could be planned for the future.

Clues from the Joker?

Sadly, even with the extended cut of Suicide Squad, we don't see a whole lot of the Joker. Still, there is one major clue that moviegoers noticed within the Joker's possessions, and it didn't seem to quite fit with everything else. In other words, why did he have baby clothes for more than one gender in a sea of knives, guns, and explosives?

There is a big possibility that the Joker having baby clothes in his Harley shrine is nothing more than an Easter Egg. Nonetheless, we get more clues from Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad that would imply that the Joker has these items in his possession not just because they remind him of her, but because they remind him of something they have already had...

Clues from Harley Quinn?

In addition to the fast-forwarded backstory about how the couple rose to become the "king and queen" of Gotham City, there are possibly a lot of things that happened between the couple that we haven't seen.

One primary example regards the exchange between Harley and El Diablo while inside Midway City. In the wake of Diablo's disclosure that he murdered his family, we see a rather dark attitude change within Harley. Her ferocious reaction to his revelation essentially kicks him while he's already down — and it's all because he believed he could have a normal life with children and a spouse/partner. Basically, Harley is harshly putting into perspective that people like them could never have that normal life.

Perhaps she delivers this harsh lesson to Diablo and the rest of Task Force X because she also knows first-hand how that feels.

Another major clue is the dream that Harley experiences while under the manipulation of the Enchantress. Her vision shows her and a "normal" version of the Joker, complete with a son and a daughter. This dream sequence is also backed up in the official Suicide Squad novelization as she imagines herself as a housewife named Harley Ker with her husband, Jo Ker, and their two small children.

The important thing to remember is when Harley snaps out of her dream, she wasn't surprised that she had two kids, or that the Joker was present. She was surprised that they had gotten married.

A final hint towards a possible family life that Harley had at her fingertips is the writing scribbled on her "Good Night" baseball bat. In the special features for the extended cut, we see a lot of the small details that were put into the weapons and props utilized by the members of Task Force X. Although we can't really see it during the film, we catch a glimpse at the writing on Harley Quinn's weapon.


Hush little baby don't say a word. Mama's gonna kill for you the whole damn world. And if the world should wonder why, mama's gonna make it cry and cry. All the weirdos and freaks won't wonder why, Mama's gonna make 'em cry and cry. Laugh and laugh I mean tears of laughter. Oh my God. You're so funny. You're killing me! Laughter and lies and Puddin' and pie.

Lay a finger in me 'cause everyone knows who's my baby. Hahahaha! Hey baby, want me to teach these losers a lesson? Eat your heart out. Hush little baby don't say a word. Mama's gonna kill for you the whole damn world"

Unless this modified lullaby is about the Joker (which I doubt), it likely substantiates the theory about them already having children. The dialogue is almost like justification of what she does as being done for the kids, wherever they might be. Harley might refer to her Puddin' as "daddy," but I don't recall hearing him ever call her "mama."

Final thoughts?

Whether you believe the DCEU version of the Joker and Harley Quinn have had children or not, there's no denying that there is a lot of evidence regarding what the relationship involves or has been in the past.

A proper solo film for the Joker and Harley could expand on all of these major details and clues regarding their previous life together, and set up a great direction. Not only would it give the characters the proper development that's needed for the DCEU, but it would give those of us who have waited for many years to see the couple on the big screen together a proper portrayal.

Their story within Suicide Squad is rushed (even with the extended cut), but the attention to detail in other places serve as continued proof that Warner Bros. doesn't know what they want the DCEU to be. Either they did all of this just because they wanted to slap a bunch of Easter Eggs into the film, or bigger things are and/or were planned for this villainous couple. It's just the matter of whether we'll get to see more of it.

The ending of Suicide Squad sort of insists that more is coming regarding the Joker and Harley Quinn, but sadly that is one of the biggest questions up in the air right now.


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