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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Gotham Season 3.

Gotham Season 3 has been pretty exciting for fans of the mythology, as we've seen the introduction of The Mad Hatter, Poison Ivy and The Executioner. However, things were taken to a whole new level when the hit series saw the return of Cameron Monaghan's sinister Jerome Valeska.

The character — strongly believed to be Gotham's interpretation of The Joker — is a fan-favorite, and his gruesome return has everybody talking. Jerome returned in Episode 12, and it became pretty clear amidst the shocks and delights of Episode 13 that Gotham city may never be the same again.

Things came to a head in last night's winter finale episode, as Jerome and Bruce went head-to-head in a showdown that foreshadowed the two character's futures as The Joker and Batman. With an awe-inspiring battle between the two, the fate of Jerome Valeska was finally revealed, and one thing's for sure — it was unexpected.

Jerome Is Still Alive

Jerome lives to terrorize us another day. [Credit: FOX]
Jerome lives to terrorize us another day. [Credit: FOX]

Before the winter finale aired, many fans of Gotham feared that the show would kill off Jerome again just as quickly as they'd resurrected him; thankfully, this wasn't the case. Jerome's mission was to pick up from where he had left off back in Season 2, and that meant killing Bruce Wayne. After tracking Wayne down to his stately home, Jerome kidnapped the young billionaire and took him to the Circus. Jerome taunted Bruce by killing several of Gotham's citizens in front of him.

As all of Jerome's twisted followers looked on in amazement, Jerome tied Bruce up and threatened him with a circus cannon. Luckily, the police arrived just in time, and Bruce broke free from Jerome's control. But instead of running to safety, the future Batman hunted down the crazed villain, and engaged in a brutal physical altercation. Bruce proved himself to be very resourceful but resisted killing the psychotic villain. Jerome refused to give up, but Gordon stopped him in his tracks, literally punching the madman's face off. Later, Gordon told us that the doctor was re-attaching Jerome's face before he was shipped of to the infamous Arkham Asylum. There is no need to worry fellow Gotham fans — Jerome lives to terrorize us another day!

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Will We See Jerome Again?

Jerome may have the last laugh after all. [Credit: FOX]
Jerome may have the last laugh after all. [Credit: FOX]

The fact that fans called for Monaghan to be brought back despite the fact that Jerome died proves just how popular he is with Gotham fans. Ever since Gotham's executive producer John Stephens confirmed Monaghan's return to the show back in August last year, Monaghan built up momentum and created speculation with images he'd post on his social media account and the fans were loving it.

Now that this Jerome arc has come to an end, we're all left wondering: will we see Monaghan's sadistic character pop up again on Gotham later down the line? There has been no official confirmation as to whether Jerome is The Joker, or if he is merely meant to inspire this universe's version of the Joker, but it'll be hard to find someone capable of accomplishing anything close to what Monaghan did.

Judging from the popularity of Jerome — not to mention Monaghan's evident love of the character — my guess is that this joker will be back causing chaos soon enough. Furthermore, the fact that the writers allowed the character to live — as well as the re-attaching of his face — makes me confident that Jerome will continue to create havoc for the folks of Gotham later on — possibly as The Joker when Batman is fully formed.

Jerome always puts a smile on our faces. [Credit: FOX]
Jerome always puts a smile on our faces. [Credit: FOX]

Jerome's hellish reign has come to an end, and now we are left to contemplate what will happen next. With the birth of the Riddler set to be Gotham's next big storyline, it looks like the Batman mythology will be explored in more detail when Gotham returns for new episodes in the spring. The winter finale was, without a doubt, Gotham's strongest episode yet. As the dust settles, all we can think about is how Cameron Monaghan's performance as Jerome put a huge smile on our faces. Don't stay away too long.

Gotham will return for new episodes on April 24th. Do you think we've seen the last of Jerome? Tell us below in the comment section.


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