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Earlier this month, the world mourned the loss of , the man best known for playing in the iconic '60s show. West's colleagues in the filmmaking industry and Batman fans alike were grief-stricken with news of his passing, resulting in countless tributes to West in order to celebrate his legacy.

One of the many celebrities mourning West's passing is , known for voicing the Joker in numerous DC titles since 1992, including Batman: The Animated Series. After hearing about West's passing, the man who brought life to the 'clown prince of crime' had an abundance of kind words to say about the legendary actor.

Remembering The Man Behind The Cowl:

During the 2017 Tony Awards, Variety caught up with Hamill on the runway and asked him to share his thoughts about the man and his favorite memories with West.

"First of all, I adored him as a child. He had such a rapport with the audience. And I saw on different levels... He is so nuanced. He's very underrated, I think, as a comedic actor. And he was such a wonderfully warm person. I probably worked with him, maybe, four or five times in voice-over. And like I say, he was a true gentleman."

In a separate interview with USA Today, Hamill elaborated on what it was like to work alongside West. Hamill recounted his first time meeting West when working on Batman: The Animated Series, and how Hamill couldn't bring himself to voice the arch-nemesis of his childhood hero.

"I first did the Joker in 1992, and I've been doing it on and off for 25 years. And one time I went in to do a recording and instead of Kevin Conroy who is my Batman, Adam West was there. I froze up. I said I can't do my Joker in front of my Batman, I mean my childhood Batman. But again he was so nice, and I managed to get through it."

'Batman: The Animated Series' [Credit: Warner Brothers]
'Batman: The Animated Series' [Credit: Warner Brothers]

Just like fans around the world, Hamill's first encounter with Batman was the show starring Adam West and Burt Ward. Thanks to West's performance in the hit show, Hamill felt a personal loss when he heard about West's passing.

"He was, for all of us growing up, such an iconic figure. He had such a rapport with the audience, I never thought he got the credit for the nuance and humor he brought to that part. Because when I first watched it [Batman], I was looking at him seriously... it's amazing how he was working on these different levels."

"I adored him. He was just such a nice guy. He didn't become bitter or, 'Oh, I'm typecast' or anything like that."

It's interesting to hear Hamill discuss West's lasting impression on him as both a fan and a colleague. Adam West may be known for portraying Batman multiple times and voicing other animated characters, but he'll always be remembered by those who were lucky enough to either work with him or simply meet him in person as a gentle soul who will be sorely missed.

Batman Forever: The Legacy Of Adam West

'Batman' [Credit: Warner Brothers]
'Batman' [Credit: Warner Brothers]

Although there have been many actors responsible for bringing Batman to life, Adam West's performance as Bruce Wayne still holds a lasting impression worldwide. In a time when Batman is commonly known as a feared crime-fighter, West's heroic portrayal of the character shines brighter than ever before. Fans of all ages share this sentiment, but perhaps Burt Ward said it best.

“I will forever miss him... He was truly the Bright Night.”

Farewell, old chum, indeed.


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