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It was recently announced that Warner Brothers was in early development of a solo Joker film that would be set in the '80s and tell the origin story of the Clown Prince of Crime. Additionally, the film will exist outside of the DCEU. Many have assumed that the film is an attempt at an "Elseworlds" narrative like the comics, however what if it isn't? Could the solo Joker film be the start of the biggest payoff of comic book movie history?

When it was announced that the film would be unconnected to the and take place 30 years ago, it was obvious that Jared Leto would not be playing the Joker. Despite some missteps, the DCEU has made a fortune at the box office and won an Oscar, so why would Warner Brothers not want to continue its success by connecting this tale with the Joker?

'Suicide Squad' [Credit: Warner Bros Pictures]
'Suicide Squad' [Credit: Warner Bros Pictures]

The new Joker and solo film feel out of place, seeing as nobody really called for a Joker film in the first place. So, let's look at a theory that could explain what is really going on. What if the Joker of the forthcoming solo film really is the real Joker?

Back before Suicide Squad was released there was compelling evidence that indicated Jared Leto's joker was, in fact, Jason Todd a.k.a. Robin. It's possible that the new solo Joker will will show the rise of the real Joker and end with him turning Jason Todd into a twisted likeness of himself

Here are the eight ideas that suggest the Joker was actually Jason Todd.

1. The Robin suit seen in Batman vs Superman is confirmed to be Jason Todd's.

2. The Joker has notch-like scars in his shoulders that reflect the damage to the Robin costume.

3. The Joker has a "J" tattoo underneath his eye. This resembles the scar that Jason Todd has in the Injustice video game.

4. Other cryptic body art includes what appears to be a few feathers, possibly a robin on the Joker's right bicep.

5. In one scene in Batman vs Superman, Bruce Wayne says: "20 years in Gotham. How many good guys are left? How many stayed that way?" Many fans believe that alludes to Jason Todd.

6. Many also wondered if Joker really killed Jason Todd then why would Batman not just kill him, seeing as how Batman (prior to BvS) did not have issue with killing people? If Jason Todd became Joker it would explain why Batman could not kill him.

7. Jason Todd's armor has the words "HAHA the jokes on you Batman" painted across the chest. What joke does he mean? Could the joke be that even though Batman defeated his arch enemy, Joker had recreated himself in Jason Todd?

8. Joker taking control of a person and creating a likeness of himself happened before in the film Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

Now that we have gone over why the theory was so popular, lets look at why the new film could be setting up this twist. Firstly, the '80s setting is odd. If the film is truly independent from the DCEU why would Warner Bros. go out of its way to make it 30 years before the current films take place? Placing it in the '80s could be a way to show a younger Joker while also showing his conflict with Jason Todd and Batman.

Secondly, Warner Brothers has also remained secretive as to why Batman grew so cynical and bitter. It was always suggested that some bad event had taken place in the past, and it was obvious he never took another apprentice after Todd "died." Could it be that Warner Bros. was saving this story for a later film such as the Joker solo film? It was also strange that Warner Brothers chose to cut so much of the Joker's footage from Suicide Squad, keeping his origin a big secret.

Lastly, using the solo film to reveal that Batman's student became his arch nemesis would be a great way to build up the Batman lore without having to take away from the solo Batman films.

This theory is a big stretch I will admit, but imagine the solo Joker film ending with the real Joker dying, only to have created a new Joker in . Joker could never beat Batman because Bruce was willing to kill. However, now that the Joker is someone Batman loves, he is unkillable, resulting in a version of the Joker w can never be stopped.

What do you think? Do you agree this theory is possible?


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