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It took over three seasons but in Season 7 The Walking Dead finally revealed what some suspected, dropping the bombshell that baby Judith was actually Shane's biological daughter, not Rick's.

And while the reveal itself actually happened in one of the shows quieter moments, while Rick was explaining to Michonne why the group needed to submit to negan, it turns out that Jon Bernthal a.k.a Shane Walsh had a rather more explosive response than Michonne did.

Shane glances at Rick and Lori Credit: AMC]
Shane glances at Rick and Lori Credit: AMC]

Speaking during a panel at Walker Stalker Con London, Andrew Lincoln told fans about his true feelings over the decision for the show to reveal Shane as Judith's biological father, as well as sharing Bernthal's incredulous reaction.

"Ugh, do you know what? I'm still not happy about that," Lincoln said about the reveal. "... We did comic Con this year, and Jon Bernthal and his family were all there and we were all in the swimming pool just chilling out and I had to tell him, just because I knew that Jon would want to know that it was his child, even thought he's not been in the show for four years, I kinda knew what kind of actor Jon Bernthal was. And I told him and was like 'WHAT?!? NO man, NO.' He was just like 'No, brother, man that's not right, that's not right' he was so angry at that."

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But aside from Bernthal being angry about the reveal that Shane was a dad, it also made him rethink his whole performance as Shane. "He was like 'I wish I'd known, I want to redo my scenes again,'" Lincoln recalled. "He went '[If I'd known then what I know now] I would have played it a whole different way.'"

But sadly with Shane long dead and gone, we'll never get to see how the knowledge of impending fatherhood may have changed his path in the series — and besides, I think we can all agree Rick's doing a pretty good job with his little girl anyway.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 12 on March 5

Were you shocked when The Walking Dead revealed the truth about Judith's father?

Rick and Judith in Season 7 [Credit: AMC]
Rick and Judith in Season 7 [Credit: AMC]


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