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Looks like Punisher fans are going to go ballistic! Netflix recently finished wrapping up their new series The Punisher, and just released some set pics of Jon Bernthal looking as though he just walked out of a war zone. But the one image that stands out is Jon Bernthal locked and loaded wearing his new costume. Yes, fans, he is sporting his iconic skull symbol. If you are going into battle, guns may save your butt, but a symbol of death will mess with your opponents' minds.

Although Jon Bernthal is just standing on the set in these images, he does have an intense stare as if he is ready to open fire at any moment. If the bullets starts flying, you better have some armor. By the looks of the Frank Castle costume in The Punisher, there are some bullet holes piercing the skull symbol. And the way it snaps over his shoulders, it is safe to assume that this version of the costume is more practical than functional. It appears that the skull covers the entire chest and is made out of some armor to keep Frank Castle alive to pop off a few more rounds.

Let's take a look at some of the previous actors who portrayed our favorite battle-hardened Punisher, and see who wore the skull better.

Dolph Lundgren in 'The Punisher' (1989)

Dolp Lundgren as the Punisher [Credit: Marvel Entertainment]
Dolp Lundgren as the Punisher [Credit: Marvel Entertainment]

What, no skull image? Thank you Dolph for being the first actor to portray Frank Castle and the Punisher. But not having the skull symbol somewhere on you is a colossal fail. Can you image if Spider-Man never used his trademark spider symbol?

Thomas Jane in 'The Punisher' (2004)

Thomas Jane as the Punisher [Credit: Marvel Enterprises]
Thomas Jane as the Punisher [Credit: Marvel Enterprises]

It's no surprise that Thomas Jane is a huge comic reader. He wanted to play the Punisher more than anyone else. I think we all agree that he did a much better job of delving into the mind of Frank Castle and the affect the war and the death of his family had on his mind. His costume captures the essence of his desire for revenge. His longer duster jacket is always open for his enemies to first rest their eyes on the image of death. The skull is brighter and whiter this time, and closer resembles the image from the comics.

Ray Stevenson in 'Punisher: War Zone' (2008)

Ray Stevenson as the Punisher [Credit: Marvel Studios]
Ray Stevenson as the Punisher [Credit: Marvel Studios]

Some years later, we get a new more militarized version of the Punisher. Ray Stevenson played Frank Castle in Punisher: War Zone. He played a much darker, grittier version compared to Thomas Jane. And his costume reflected this portrayal. The costume is like a bulletproof vest on steroids. Even his neck is covered for protection. But it's the dull and dreary looking skull that sets this costume apart from the other versions.

We know that The Punisher is slated to be released some time in 2017. The Defenders series staring Daredevil, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage is set to hit Netflix on August 18. Maybe we will get a cameo of the Punisher in one of the scenes?

Which Punisher actor wore the skull better?


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