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As HBO's Game of Thrones draws another season of fire and ice to a close, it is time to look back and reflect on the show's abridged run of penultimate episodes. Lives were lost, new alliances were formed, and enemies came from every nook and cranny of the Seven Kingdoms. However, did sh*t just get a little too real in Westeros?

Taking fantasy and real life, it is undeniably a toss-up between who is more disliked — or Cersei Lannister. Apart from ruling their own empires with an iron fist, there are several despicable and noble similarities between the Queen of the Realm and Mr. Trump.

Snow On The White House

Heading back to the finale, it wasn't only White Walkers who gave a frosty reception to the end of the seventh season. There was an icy throwdown between Cersei and her remaining nemeses, but it appears that the scenes at the Dragonpit may have been more politically motivated than first thought. Was Jon Snow's rousing speech to Queen Cersei actually aimed at a certain POTUS?

It seems that it isn't just the current season of American Horror Story that has been inspired by the 2016 Presidential Election. Speaking to Variety, Liam Cunningham (who plays Ser Davos on the show) revealed how the King in the North took note of troubles in the USA:

"The results had just been announced the morning we filmed that particular scene — that particular day of that scene with Mr. Kit Harington. We may have been rehearsing that scene. But that was the first time that Kit Harington had said those words on that platform in that scene. So it had a certain resonance, I’m sure you’ll understand."

Having spent most of the season being told to grovel to the women of Westeros, the noble refused to bend the knee to Cersei and declared his allegiance to Daenerys Targaryen. A move that pissed off pretty much everyone attending the meeting of the minds, Dany and Tyrion questioned Jon's seemingly foolish move. While the writers may have written the script months in advance, there is definitely a poignant message in Jon and Tyrion's exchange of words when you watch it back:

Jon: "When enough people make false promises, words stop meaning anything. Then there are no more answers, only better and better lies. And lies won't help us in this fight."

Tyrion: "That is indeed a problem. The more immediate problem is that we're fucked."

Unfortunately, it wasn't quite the hidden Easter Egg that showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss might have thought, and even former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci tweeted the excerpt:

While the words had enough meaning on there own, you can only imagine that it added another layer to Harington's acting as the moping (former) bastard of Westeros gave the middle finger to Trump. Worryingly, the episode ended with Cersei royally screwing her new allies and declaring that she would wait for them to ride north to stab them in the back — hopefully Game of Thrones isn't foreshadowing the next move of the POTUS. Even for a show as complicated as Thrones, this one is a little too meta for us, and let's hope that Benioff and Weiss haven't been looking into the flames of the Lord of Light for this one.

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