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Jonah Hill’s career has transformed drastically over the past decade, even garnering an Oscar nomination along the way. Although he was considered a comedic actor for years, his roles in Moneyball, Wolf of Wall Street, and War Dogs have proven he has dramatic chops and is one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood.

Besides his impressive acting career, ’s fluctuating weight has been the subject of a lot of media attention, and over the past year, he has been praised for his fit and healthy look. Recently, an old interview featuring Hill went viral on social media, which shows a reporter asking the actor an extremely inappropriate question about his weight – and Hill was not having it.

Jonah Hill Shuts Down Reporters Inappropriate Question About His Weight

During a press junket in 2014, Hill was taking questions from several outlets, when one interviewer went off the rails. The interviewer started his series of questions by asking Hill if he were still considered the "fat guy" when he went to parties, and unbelievably, it only got worse from there:

"Are you still considered 'the fat guy' when you go to a party or anything? Cause I run into that a lot, I'm the fat one. Are you the fat guy in Hollywood still, or does everyone look at you and go, 'Oh, wow! This is great, and now you're healthy.'"

Hill maintained an incredulous expression during the span of questions, which makes sense, since the whole situation was bonkers. Instead of being overtly rude or telling the guy off, Hill responded to the interviewer with a clever question in return:

"Uh... do you have any other questions... that are smart?"

It might seem that Hill was being coy when he responded, but it was a brilliant way to brush the questions off. If he had answered aggressively or defensively, it would have made headlines, and Hill could have been painted as the bad guy. Instead he dodged the line of questioning altogether, which is why the public is only hearing about this interview three years later.

Based on the interviewer’s tone during the video, it seemed like he was trying to get a livid or funny response out of Hill, but the actor was very professional while still telling him off.

We have seen actors respond to inappropriate questions in the past, particularly actresses having to field the landmine of sexist questions. But one of the most memorable interviews gone awry in recent years was Robert Downey Jr.’s interview with British journalist Krishnan Guru-Murthy.

In the interview that went viral, Guru-Murthy asked RDJ about his past drug use and imprisonment, which resulted in RDJ walking out of the interview. Along with Downey Jr, Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, Jerry Seinfeld, Anne Hathaway, and many more have dealt with inappropriate questions (including their weight) in varying ways, and much like Jonah Hill, they respond professionally and shut down the inappropriate line of questioning quickly.

Celebrities are objectified on a daily basis, and as the general public, it’s easy to reason these types of incidents away as simply being part of responsibility of making tons of money and being famous. However, celebrities are still humans with all the emotions and all the baggage that come along with living under a microscope. Thankfully, Jonah Hill brushed of the inappropriate questions in an intelligent way, and moved on without incident.

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