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Matt Carter

When talks, I listen. Not because he's some enlightened mystic who is going to tell me the meaning of life (although I'm sure he could be), but because he has that look in his eyes that tells me he'll come around my house and kick me in the head if I don't (If you've seen Romper Stomper you'll know what I mean).

I also listen to him when he talks about Man of Steel, because:

A) He's playing Superman's Dad, Jor-El.

b) If I don't, he will come around my house and kick me in the head.

The clip below is an interview with Crowe, where he talks Man of Steel, massive sets, and Superman going supersonic. Check it out:

(via REELZ)

Bring. It. On.

The more I hear about Man of Steel, the more I think that this could be the best superhero movie of 2013. Sorry Iron Man, Wolverine, and Thor, but nobody puts Superman in the corner.

Are you excited about Man of Steel? Which superhero movie are you most looking forward to in 2013? Debate away in the comments below.



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