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(WARNING: Spoilers for Get Out follow.)

As you've probably already heard (or maybe haven't), Get Out has become a breakout hit with audiences everywhere. Quite a bit of attention has fallen onto the racially charged film but positive attention at that. While the film may not resonate with everyone, it has resonated with a large enough audience that it's receiving a fair amount of praise, including an incredibly high score on RottenTomatoes.

'Get Out' Isn't Your Typical Horror Film

Apart from the excellent work crafted into the film, is arguably one of the most original horror movies to be released in a long time. Thanks to , the director of Get Out, the film has also provided us with the horror movie that we've been waiting for, the type of horror movie that doesn't feature oblivious characters who get murdered in the most predictable situations (see Samuel L. Jackson in Deep Blue Sea).

'Deep Blue Sea' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Deep Blue Sea' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

In the very first scene of Get Out, Andrew, a supporting character in the film, provides us with our first look at someone acting reasonably in a movie scenario. Andrew (Lakeith Stanfield) responds exactly how you'd expect if someone was being stalked by a suspicious-looking car in the middle of the night, by walking in the opposite direction. In doing so, Andrew avoided the fate many unassuming victims fall suffer in horror movies.

Unfortunately for Andrew, his quick thinking didn't do him any good. He was walking down a dark street in a horror movie, so something bad was bound to happen to him.

'Get Out' [Credit: Universal Studios]
'Get Out' [Credit: Universal Studios]

Jordan Peele Comments On What He's Doing After 'Get Out' In Interview With ScreenJunkies

Regardless, it's that type of scene that distinguishes Jordan Peele's kind of horror movie from every other horror movie out there and it's why we need more horror movies like that today. Jordan Peele himself opened up about his plans for developing more films in his recent interview with ScreenJunkies. From the sound of what Peele has to say, it appears as though he intends to develop more unique films like Get Out.

Here's the full interview with Jordan Peele:

Most of the interview goes over different aspects of the film, including how Get Out has received a 100 percent rating on RottenTomatoes. Not many films ascend to such heights but Peele's debut film has. We should expect that rating to go down as time passes but as it sits, Get Out is a modern classic thanks to its outstanding rating on RottenTomatoes.

Going back to the interview, the conclusion of the interview focused on what kind of doors have been opened for Peele now that he's become "famous." Peele answered the inquiries by stating his plans to develop more original films like Get Out.

Here's what Jordan Peele had to say in regards to his future plans:

"I feel like my responsibility to the world at this point is to keep making original films. To try to do some elevated horror, fun horror, that says something. I think that’s what I’m here for."

'Key And Peele' [Credit: Comedy Central]
'Key And Peele' [Credit: Comedy Central]

While Peele's comments don't say much about what his next project may be, he does confirm that he will be directing more films. Keeping that in mind, Jordan Peele may seek to develop one of the scripts he's penned in the past.

Will Jordan Peele Develop One Of The Scripts He's Penned In The Past Eight Years Or Something Brand New?

In the interview with ScreenJunkies, Jordan Peele also revealed that he's penned four more scripts that he'd like to see developed at one point, any of which may or may not be the next project he directs.

"Over the past eight years, I’ve come up with four other scripts in the social horror genre."

Jordan Peele's comments on the matter are brief, they do reveal Peele's mind towards developing more films in the social-horror genre — films like Get Out. Reasonably speaking, any of the four scripts he's written could be the next project Peele tackles, in addition to any new projects unrelated to the scripts he's written in the past.

'Key And Peele' [Credit: Comedy Central]
'Key And Peele' [Credit: Comedy Central]

Whatever the case may be, Jordan Peele's comments in his interview with ScreenJunkies more than confirm the prospect of more films (which sounds good to me). It'll probably be some time before Jordan Peele cranks out another masterpiece in the horror genre, but there's a possibility he may already have another project in development as we speak.

What did you think of Jordan Peele's directorial debut, Get Out? A new classic of the horror genre or overrated piece of work? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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