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Will Wharton

symbolizes the duality deep inside the heart of mankind. On the one hand there's pleasing image of a girl in her bikini just standing around (thanks Maxim) with not much to do except wait for your approval. That's nice, that's what we're all here to see, lets be honest. You are the loyal reader, desperate to see just what's on offer today. I'm the intern who thinks by writing all these articles about sexy babes it might signal to my girlfriend to get her act together and start lounging around swimming pools in bikinis instead of constantly telling me to get a real job. Seriously Dana, this is a real job. I bring home like eight different types of ramen noodles a week! Get off my back.

The other side of Jordana Brewster is the philosophy of longing, what makes us who we are is the desire to be something we're not. Miss Brewster with her casual turn and body language facing away from us, we feel the longing of desire. The dull ache of human want. Just WHAT is on your front Jordana? WHAT IS IT?

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