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Sophie Atkinson

is one of the most popular girls in action films today, thanks to her association with the need-for-speed franchise, The Fast and the Furious. She's down to earth, has great mermaidy hair and she'd completely nail getting your car into that really tricky parking spot. All totally valid reasons for making someone your BFF. No wonder she's one of the longest running stars in the franchise, with only Diesel and Walker clocking more hours onscreen than her and we imagine she's a big reason for the film series' jaw-dropping success, with The Fast and the Furious films so far grossing $625 million to date at the U.S. box office.

So we're surprised to hear at Moviepilot HQ that has given her co-star a decidedly unflattering nickname, with the Brewster revealing that Michelle "called Paul a ‘Big Barbie’ and me something like ‘Miss Prissy.’"

Now Big Barbie sounds spot on – in fact, given Walker's somewhat wooden acting chops, it's even a little kind. But Miss Prissy? C'mon!

Luckily the Brewster's taken her new name with her usual chilled out attitude: “I was thrilled to see her come back, but one thing I can say about Michelle is she doesn’t pull any punches,” says Brewster.

As the franchise has grown bigger, the stakes have been raised, with the Fast team under pressure to deliver more death-defying stunts with each installment, but this is something Jordana embraces.

“That’s why they’re so successful. The audience gets something that’s bigger and more exciting with each movie. But while the cars get faster, the crashes get louder and the locations get cooler, our gang’s sense of family and loyalty is never lost. The audience relates to that.”

Jordana also revealed what girls who dig action films have known all along: “We have plenty of female fans,” says Brewster. “They love watching other women kick some butt. And let’s face it … with Vin, Paul and Tyrese there’s also a lot of delicious eye candy!”

Hmm. Not sure about the eye candy part, at least with Vin Diesel. Are aggressive men with a penchant for reckless driving what the laydeez are into at the moment? I hate to be a square, but personally, I find a man who can adhere to a strict speed limit sexy! Who's with me? Yeah, ok, just me then...


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