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While isn't busy vigorously training (or showing off his new haircut) for his upcoming role as Cable in , the 49-year-old actor likes to poke fun at himself. Or in this case, his past.

Brolin starred in the 1985 cult classic film, , as Brand Walsh, the jock big brother to Sean Astin's character, Mikey Walsh. And now he's (kind of) revisited the part.

When Mikey and his pals find an old map in the attic, they go on an adventure in search of a treasure that once belonged to famous pirate "One-Eyed Willy." Brand eventually gets swept up in the hunt as his brother and his friends' lives are in danger.

The character of Brand constantly worked out and was always dressed in sweats and a red bandana headband. The style, which might be a little dated by today's standard, made for an awesome costume for an '80s-themed party that Brolin recently attended with his wife. He showed off his retro look on Instagram:

According to the caption, Brolin's wife Kathryn deserves the credit for coming up with the epic callback. Even if the rumored Goonies sequel is all but dead, it certainly is fun to see a character continue to embrace the love for the original film.

And let's just add that the man still looks good at the brink of turning 50. Here's hoping he brings back the classic workout style for his preparation for Deadpool!

Did you love The Goonies as a kid? Are you excited for Brolin's Cable? Tell us why in the comments below.


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