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With Ryan Reynolds going pretty silent on social media since shooting for Deadpool 2 began in the summer, Josh Brolin has stepped in to fill that Deadpool-shaped void in our life. In the last few months he has been seen in endless behind-the-scenes photos, as well as taking to Instagram to show off badass shots of his insane Cable bod, making us even more pumped for the 2018 sequel.

Deadpool creator is equally ecstatic about Brolin joining the team, and couldn't help sharing this snap of the man himself posing alongside his character's name with the caption .

High voltage indeed! The fun picture was originally shared by 's wife Kathryn, but Liefield couldn't help but share it to his 'gram, saying that he might even incorporate this image into one of his comic book covers, to which one fan replied:

"With Deadool perched atop the power line!!"

Cable creator Leifield has made no secret of how thrilled he is with Brolin's casting, and regularly takes to social media to talk up his real life Nathan Summers. He recently told Comicbook that even he is in awe of Brolin's transformation:

"The way we've watched his transformation — I mean, I immediately started following his trainer. Eventually, when I get the guts up, I'm gonna ask, 'I'd like to have that training regimen please.'"

It's hard to ignore Brolin's dedication to the muscle, as he's been sharing his rigorous workouts on social media, which include images like this one which show off his naked, sturdy physique (also with the hashtag ):

Having said this, however busy Brolin has been in the last few months, he recently took time out of his hectic schedule to celebrate his one year anniversary with his wife, and the pair have been sharing adorable pictures and videos of their time away — including this one of Brolin/Cable daintily enjoying some cream tea.

Anyone get the feeling he's been spending too much time with Ryan Reynolds?! The follow up to Deadpool will arrive in theaters in June 1, 2018, and let's hope we see more of Josh Brolin following Reynolds's footsteps and having a little fun with this traditionally serious character!

Do you think you could handle Josh Brolin's insane Cable workouts? Let us know in the comments!


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