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has never been a filmmaker afraid of causing controversy with his films, usually for the political and social statements he's making within them. His remake of 's epic revenge tale, Oldboy, is causing controversy simply because loyal fans of the original film don't want to see it remade, and certainly not by an American director.

But Spike Lee's gonna do what Spike Lee's gonna do, so it's all systems go. And you know what? From what we've seen so far, including the trailer, I actually have high hopes for this one, even if the release date was pushed back again to take advantage of weaker Thanksgiving competition.

The latest stills dropped via HuffPost give us our first look at the enigmatic social worker, played by , who helps protagonist Joe escape, along with a few closer looks at as Joe in his haggard and imprisoned stages.

Still no glimpses yet of , though you do get to see , along with Brolin and Olsen, in action in the red-band trailer, which is below if you've not yet seen it:


Oldboy's new release will now be on November 27th, so get ready to swing your hammers on Thanksgiving weekend, everyone.

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